Last week in my ProBlogger review group we worked on crafting a well written About Me Page. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the importance of this as I feel you can pop over to that post. However, if you are not a member of our group (You can always join every Thursday) and you blog you should understand that your About Me page is the most important page on your site. It should be a banner page that describes who you are and makes people want to return to your site weekly, if not daily!

I am all about organization… I have been dubbed the organization queen in my home as well as many an office, so with that and my love for social media I am thrilled to share with you a site which will helps condense your social media presence all in one place! I’d like to introduce you to’s  little video on Vimeo


What is is a free easy-to-use custom online website that works a bit like a digital-age business card that organizes web content which includes everything that is about… YOU! The custom profile offers a snapshot bio plus links visitors to your website, blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, google+ and anywhere else you can link to that you deem important to… YOU! And the site gives basic analytics like visitors’ time on site and Klout to boot!

One of the best things about the site, aside from the fact that it’s free, is that it allows you select your own URL, preferably with your name in it. Your page’s URL, for example, could be That tiny link can be used below your signature in emails, on a resume. You can find my snazzy page,  go on look me up!

shelley's page

Should I make an Page?

If you have a blog, a twitter, or two, a facebook fan page or two, a Linkedin, flickr, etc then the answer is YES! I don’t know about you but when I started my blog in 2009 I had that and my facebook, which was quickly followed up with twitter, another site, another twitter and 2 facebook fan pages, google+, and a linkedin. Wouldn’t it be easy to keep all of that information together on one clean page?

Let’s do this!

The whole process took me about an hour to create. Make sure you have a good short biography written; perhaps your elevator speech! Make sure you know what you want the page to say about you before you start out. Take a few minutes to think about it and review some of the great profiles in their directory.

Signing up is a snap, enter your email address, and of course come up with a password and then come up with your URL. Now it is time to create your profile…

A picture is worth a thousand words

This is definitely one site where this holds true, considering it is a huge splash page. With that said, do you have a photograph that “defines” you? The biography area does allow you the option to include a thumbnail image of yourself and also provides a limited selection of basic backgrounds to choose from should you not use a photograph.

After you have come up with your background continue to the right and follow each tab. Biography will be next; this is where you enter your “elevator speech” followed by the next two tabs which lets you play with the colors and fonts and then the final tab labeled services which will link each of your on-line presences. After you have created your biography square decide where you want to drop it on your page. Ta-dah you are all done!

After your page has been up for a bit you can check your stats from the dashboard.

It really is simple as one, two three… Take the few minutes and set one up, I promise you will be happy you did. I’d love to have you leave your link and share yours with me.