streamersThis is the start of “something new”….. I am so excited I can just *squeal! “eee” Can you hear me? I’d be surprised if you couldn’t. The last time I anticipated so much joy was when I gave birth to my daughters, no wait maybe when I cut the ribbon on my first fully inclusive playground. OK, you get what I’m saying. I am pretty darn excited.

I’m Still Standing has evolved so much over the past two and a half years; it began as a place for me to start my creative juices moving to write about a book about my inspirational daughter Hadley and how my family’s life as well as so many other children’s lives have been changed due to her disability. *Note to self, get that book outline finally done!

I have so much to write about raising a child with disabilities and what our family has been through in our 20 years with Hadley but I have gotten so many wonderful emails from friends about how did I start a nonprofit organization, and what did I do to raise $1 Million for my first project so I thought hmm maybe this should be part of my “new do.”

My life as a “designer” and “entertainer” *not like someone on TV or movies, rather someone who loves to give parties! keeps popping up from time to time so I thought it would make a fun addition to show the “well rounded” Shelley.

Then last year I began a “Wellness Makeover” to live a healthier and fuller life. It has been a daily struggle as anxiety has decided to come back into my life so I’m taking everything day by day and hoping to share with friends along the way, because I know I’m not the only one on this journey. And isn’t it more fun to travel with friends?

This year while thinking about my site and what direction I want to move in I spearheaded ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog and took a lot to heart. From that moment my brain was “high jacked” and I began to write down many ideas. However I couldn’t make this easy on myself (naturally that would just not be like me!) so I decided that not only did this site need a facelift and move from blogger to WordPress but so did my other site The DC Ladies.

Six months, I began this conversion six months ago! The culmination of this site could not be possible without the wonderfully talented team that I was introduced to through my friends the Sits Girls. Renee, my graphic designer, from  Studio Bold has so much talent I can’t even begin to tell you, and Gill, my programmer, from Flashing Cursor, although we had a few little hosting issues, he was great at getting the site just the way Renee and I envisioned it to work. So please applause for my new friends! And a great deal of thanks from me to both of them for all their time and effort I know you put into not only one site but two!

Love to Cook, Love to share stories of inspiration, Love to help others, Love to exercise-well not really, but I do love Zumba and dancing and I Love the way I feel when I’m done and love to Entertain

And I love that you are all here with me… while…

I’m Still Standing…