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My new “home”

streamersThis is the start of “something new”….. I am so excited I can just *squeal! “eee” Can you hear me? I’d be surprised if you couldn’t. The last time I anticipated so much joy was when I gave birth to my daughters, no wait maybe when I cut the ribbon on my first fully inclusive playground. OK, you get what I’m saying. I am pretty darn excited.

I’m Still Standing has evolved so much over the past two and a half years; it began as a place for me to start my creative juices moving to write about a book about my inspirational daughter Hadley and how my family’s life as well as so many other children’s lives have been changed due to her disability. *Note to self, get that book outline finally done!

I have so much to write about raising a child with disabilities and what our family has been through in our 20 years with Hadley but I have gotten so many wonderful emails from friends about how did I start a nonprofit organization, and what did I do to raise $1 Million for my first project so I thought hmm maybe this should be part of my “new do.”

My life as a “designer” and “entertainer” *not like someone on TV or movies, rather someone who loves to give parties! keeps popping up from time to time so I thought it would make a fun addition to show the “well rounded” Shelley.

Then last year I began a “Wellness Makeover” to live a healthier and fuller life. It has been a daily struggle as anxiety has decided to come back into my life so I’m taking everything day by day and hoping to share with friends along the way, because I know I’m not the only one on this journey. And isn’t it more fun to travel with friends?

This year while thinking about my site and what direction I want to move in I spearheaded ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog and took a lot to heart. From that moment my brain was “high jacked” and I began to write down many ideas. However I couldn’t make this easy on myself (naturally that would just not be like me!) so I decided that not only did this site need a facelift and move from blogger to WordPress but so did my other site The DC Ladies.

Six months, I began this conversion six months ago! The culmination of this site could not be possible without the wonderfully talented team that I was introduced to through my friends the Sits Girls. Renee, my graphic designer, from  Studio Bold has so much talent I can’t even begin to tell you, and Gill, my programmer, from Flashing Cursor, although we had a few little hosting issues, he was great at getting the site just the way Renee and I envisioned it to work. So please applause for my new friends! And a great deal of thanks from me to both of them for all their time and effort I know you put into not only one site but two!

Love to Cook, Love to share stories of inspiration, Love to help others, Love to exercise-well not really, but I do love Zumba and dancing and I Love the way I feel when I’m done and love to Entertain

And I love that you are all here with me… while…

I’m Still Standing…

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Shelley Kramm is the founder and editor of I'm Still Standing and The DC Ladies. Learn more about her and her inspirational family here and connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and on

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  1. *squeel* I love love love your new site!!!! It looks so neat, your pretty face shows everywhere and I am so excited for you as you mvoe further up and further in! Congrats on your achievements lady!!

    • Hi Fenny!! Thanks so much, it truly has been a labor of love and lots and lots of work and rework from Problogger! Hope you’ll continue to pop by on Thursday’s <3

  2. It looks awesome! Great job and I am so happy for you!

    • Hi Brittany, I was so happy to see your smiling face here this morning! Problogger thursdays, do join in, and thanks so much for posting on Facebook, it really means a LOT to me! <3

  3. Love your new home. It’s beautiful! Congratulations and thank you for all you do.

  4. Hooray! It all looks great!

  5. Congratulations! The place looks amazing. I’m really excited to watch this place grow and move in a ton of excellent directions.

    So what would you say was your favorite part of the whole redesign process? And being finished doesn’t count!

    • Hi Heather,
      thanks so much for your sweet message! hmmmm my favorite part had to be this morning, seeing “it” come to life! hope you are having a great day! <3

  6. Congrats on a successful move!

    Beautiful design. I hope it does all you hoped for and more :)

    • Hi Susan, Thanks so much for coming by and visiting! Love seeing everyone again after a short break! I’d love to have you join in my ProBlogger reviews on Thursdays! <3

  7. I really like your new look! I could never get my comments posted back when blogger made some changes… so I had to drop out of our Thursday group. Glad I can follow along with you and comment now.

    • Hi Caren, I’m so glad that you can leave the love now! lol and I’ll be glad to kick back our ProBlogger group on Thursdays now that my site is done! Yippie! :)

  8. Shelley! I love the new site! It’s so pretty. Studio Bold did a great job. Can’t wait to poke around your new “home”. :)

    • Hi Chrissy, Thanks so much for popping by! Love to have you visit, hope you’ll come by on Thursdays for my ProBlogger reviews!