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Who says a good thing has to end?

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Good Morning Ladies! Happy Thursday, I’m so happy to have all of you here today. I am hoping we have some new friends mixed into our group who have not completed the 31 day challenge, I know that writing a blog, running a family, keeping a job and keeping up with the 31 day challenge is more like a marathon and a few ladies fell off the bandwagon just because of “life” so I welcome back everyone!!

Hmm, I just realized that we never had an official graduation of some kind… Maybe we ought to do that somehow, I’ll put my thinking cap on but in the mean time I did want to share with you that I have Renee from Studio Bold who redesigned the SITS site working on a “grad” button for all of us to shine on our sites. When she is done I will let all of you know for sure and I will have it “premier” on the SITS Forum.

It is my hope here to review our key days in the program, what worked, find out what didn’t work so well for some and great for others and just help each other build our sites to be the best they can be.

OK then here is how we are going to continue this party:

1. First grab your e-copy of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog and your morning java and we are ready to rock and roll!

2. Every Thursday I will post a discussion based on one of the 31 Days. This is where all of you come in today, I need to hear from YOU! What days are key to YOU? What days would YOU like to review? And I will be mixing in some new things that I have picked up from the ProBloggers site for our alums.*As always I will try and keep it educational to help all of us mixed in with a little humor, because ya gotta smile!

3. Share the cute little button below on your challenge posts and also to put on your sidebars to show you are “continuing the challenge”

What I’m asking of each of you:

Please come! You have no idea how much I have enjoyed “meeting” this group we formed there are some real warm women here with great stories to tell. And as I said back in February at the beginning of the challenge; “You can come dressed as you are; pj’s, slippers, curlers, sweats… bring coffee, tea or vodka if that’s your early morning thing… however, just please continue to come or I will get a complex and will start to cry and well we don’t want that to happen now, do we?”

I’m pretty sure most of you are but for those new ladies, please follow me on Twitter as I will be putting updates and little inspirations there for the group. I have set up a new my tutorial on how to set one up, I will be doing a follow up this week on how to actually use it once you set it up.

• Re-Read the daily lesson in the e-book and take the time to check out as many links that he has included as possible. *this is where I got caught up in time! Darren said 15 minutes.. i say phewey on that!

• Come here and post the answer the questions each Thursday and leave a link to your post that day. • As in the forum if you would visit the lady who posts right before you and leave her some comment love that would be great! *we had some fabulous commenting going back and forth and I would love to keep that going.

• Spread the Word! Invite your friends and followers to join in the challenge! You can grab our new button below to share on your blog!

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How will this party continue to help you?

As in the original challenge you will gain some new knowledge from the Zen master (aka Mr. ProBlogger-Darren Rowse) and will spend time with some wonderful and fun women just like yourself who each have things we can learn from.

I will be posting a monthly wrap up if you miss anything along the way… And speaking of missing anything… I posted all 31 day’s challenges yesterday, sooo if you missed a day you just have to hop back there and it will give you each day. And to keep the party festive I will continue with the Giveaways in my monthly wrap up.

I’m so excited to be continuing this with all of you. And I thank all of you for “keepin” the faith in me! *cheers!


1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.

2. What improved the most?

3. What weeks did you find the most challenging? 4. What weeks would you like to review? Please be sure to leave a link to your latest post so that others can visit and comment today.

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  1. HI!!!! I'm back (lack a bad paint job).

    1. During the Challenge my stats really went up…after, its been depressing actually.
    2. I would say that for me the biggest improvement came in my planning. As in I actually do it now.
    3. Um … the niche. Would someone PLEASE tell me what my niche is?
    4. Ohh I'd like to review connecting to my readers (or bringing them back!) and the design aspect. That last one is HARD!

  2. I am here.

    1. I didn't really check my stats too much. I pry should have but on the days I was involved I am sure it went up.
    2. Improvements-not really any. I kind of quite halfway but I am going ot go back to the forum and pick up where I left off.
    3. Most challenging I don't know. But I should have tried harder to stick with it.
    4. I'd like to review al of it.

  3. Hello!

    Because I stopped blogging for three weeks, um, I know it was supposed to be the other way around, my stats went down. BUT I'm happy to say that they went down to want would have been a high last Fall so not too bad for NOT BLOGGING AT ALL!

    So far, the biggest improvement has been in the type of posts I'm writing and the fact that I'm using my editorial calendar to build up a stock of posts so when life throws me a curve ball I don't fall off the edge of the earth.

    The elevator picth on the first day is the hardest. I'm up to Day 21 but I've skipped a couple – I still haven't found a non-reader to watch use my blog.

    I'd simply like to stay accountable. I'm moving to a more commercial basis for my blog so am planning to spend more time developing products and need to get more disciplined and balanced about my blog.

  4. 1. Re Stats I guess I am still confused. If I look at my blogger stats, Google analytic, cluster maps….they are just all so different. That leaves my wondering. I wonder what percentage of people who "view pages" actually leave comments. Those numbers are really different for me.
    2. My biggest personal improvement is just attention and focus but I still have a LOOOOONG way to go!
    3.The first weeks were most challenging as I had to catch up right off the bat.
    4. There is so much I want to review. Not sure which week but my areas of focus need to be: content, growing my readers, and eventually, monetizing.

    I don't usually post deals but have a good one for natural products/free shipping on my site today. I'm slow to order but I just bought this one. See what you think. Thanks.

    Thanks Shelley!

  5. 1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.
    – Every single one of my stats improved!

    2. What improved the most?
    – Page views!

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging?
    – Nothing stands out to me as most challenging persay; it was more a matter of how much time I had for the tasks that made it challenging.

    4. What weeks would you like to review?
    – I would like to focus on reader engagement – both on and off the blog. I want ideas for how to get my FB fan # up and how to translate social networking into regular readership.

    Thanks, Shelley!

    P.S. I'm so excited about the $25 gift card I won in your giveaway! I haven't received it yet though so just wanted to make sure I shouldn't have received it yet?

  6. 1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.
    – All of my stats improved. Visits and unique visits went up by quite a bit. Subscribers went up, but not by a ton. Twitter followers and FB fans went up too.

    I would really have liked to see the pageviews and time spent on site go up more.

    2. What improved the most?
    – Visitors.

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging?
    – I think the tasks having to do with niche. I am still figuring this out. I feel like blogs I compare myself too are still very different from what I do.

    4. What weeks would you like to review?
    – I am not sure, I would say almost all of them would probably be good to revisit. There were a few I didn't get as much out of the first time around, but just a few.

    My latest post:

  7. 1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.
    I saw my percentage of visits increase by thousands! I think mostly due to SITS gals commenting.

    2. What improved the most? Number of visits.

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging? When we were asked to step outside our comfort zone and get other bloggers to work with us.

    4. What weeks would you like to review?
    Days 10, 11, 12? I think they were. Brainstorming ideas and coming up with calendars. I feel like I make a plan, but I need help sticking to it. Also, sometimes I have brain freeze and can't think of ideas, or think my old drafts are not as interesting.
    Other days I'd like to review are SEO stuff.

    I have some new posts coming out later today and tomorrow. So just go to to see the latest!
    Thanks Shelley!

  8. Ok, I just wrote a lengthy post and it was consumed, so now you'll get the Reader's Digest version.

    I love this idea. I'm about to pick up a couple more blogs, so I really need to be on top of things.

    To answer the questions:

    1. My stats are definitely up. I take them with a grain of salt, but it helps me to know what people are reading. That way I can plan, which leads to #2.

    2. I've gotten much better at planning. I have a list of blog ideas and I am writing more and beginning to plan when to post what.

    3 & 4. I'm not sure. I think I just need to read the whole book again.

  9. Healthier – re #1, your page views and comments will probably never be the same. Word on the street is, only 10% of readers actually comment. Otherwise, what are you seeing that's so different?

  10. 1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.

    Well I can no longer access my stats from my old site, the one I started the challenge with. And there was almost a whole week where I didn't have analytics installed on my new site because I had so many other bases to cover. Still, things have improved greatly – in fact, in the past 3 months I've doubled my readership, and I'm sure a lot of that had to do with the challenge.

    2. What improved the most?

    Both # of visitors and page views.

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging?

    Um, all of them? 😉

    4. What weeks would you like to review?

    See #3. 😉 I think there's always room to improve and this is the perfect way to do so – especially since I started with one site and finished with another.

  11. Ok, so I just wrote this whole long this and somehow it didn't get posted!
    The short version:

    All of my stats went up- views and visitors vary, but in particular my feed subscriber stats and FB/Twitter subscribers continue to increase.

    It wasn't so much challenging as it was time consuming to cover all of the info. I'm with you Shelley- who reads only 15 minutes a day? More like an hour! I made a plan for blogging, and it seems to be working so far.

    I would like to review interlinking posts and reader engagement because I want to keep readers on my blog longer. Boosting blog profile and readership, and learn how to utilize the social networking sites to make my blog more personal and engaging.

  12. 1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.

    All of my stats improved during the challenge! I recently installed analytics on my site so I'm trying to learn that as well now.

    2. What improved the most?

    My readership! I started this challenge with only about 5 readers (don't laugh, my blog was brand new!) and I now have over 100. I've also learned SO MUCH about blogging and relationships as well.

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging?

    Umm, all of them?? They all had their own challenges and taught me a lot.

    4. What weeks would you like to review?

    All of them! I still need help with my niche, and design, and well all of them!

    *My latest post is a giveaway…

  13. this is from fenny since she was having problems posting her comments this morning, if anyone else has problems PLEASE send me an email

    Hi gals,

    Wow, I am the first….(ehum, not anymore, since blogger was not cooperating and I couldn’t post…) Well here goes:

    1) My stats are all over the place. For whatever reason it is hard to gain constant readers or subscribers.

    What I noticed tho, that it seems that the more days I post, the more readers I get.

    2. The focus of my blog. Since I had just started I wasn´t entirely sure how to go about things and my blog was about various topics. With the Elevator Pitch I understood I should focus on the most important and that brought about a whole overhaul. I changed the blog name, lay out and during the challenge came to write different types of posts.

    3. Days 14 – 17. Especially no blog buddy… No first time reader either. But then, I wouldn’t know how to be able to track how long she would be on my blog nor what she would read.

    During this time I started to fall behind b/c of illness grrrrr. Never caught up.

    4. I’d like to find a blog buddy.
    How to go about guest posting – get posters and be one.

    Know more about the techie stuff – especially since I am considering to go from to (HELP!!!!!!)

    Latest post: How to help people with a mental illness…mental-illness/

    Thanks for keeping us challenged, Shelley!
    (((big hug)))

  14. Howdy all, so good to see you all again!

    1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.
    I didn't keep track of my stats, as a matter of fact, I'm still trying to figure out how (or where) to put the Google Analitycs code on my blog. Any help would be great appreciated, you can email me privately at cloud9ranch @ gmail dot com

    2. What improved the most?
    I think my variety of posts have changed the most. I also think my interactions with visitors is getting better. I've actually got a couple of emails pre-written that I send new visitors, personalizing each one as necessary.

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging?
    I found the blogging buddy to be a bit of a challenge, and I still haven't found one. I also found the planning ahead, and the scheduling a challenge. As of right now, I have two days a week that I can (if I'm off all weekend).

    4. What weeks would you like to review?
    All of the weeks had some good lessons.

    I did a quick post this morning, I'm pretty sick of this rain!

  15. Yay! So excited to be continuing. I feel like I need the extra motivation and push to keep me focused. :)

    1. I know a lot of you kept stats during the month and I’d love to know the changes you had over the five weeks.

    All my stats improved dramatically. I really need to get analytics working so I can get more detail.

    2. What improved the most?

    Stats – pageviews
    Blogging – everything! I am being more consistent with my posts.

    3. What weeks did you find the most challenging?

    I don't know. I guess the weeks that were not really easy for a new blogger. I had to get a little creative on some of them since I didn't have a large number of preexisting posts.

    4. What weeks would you like to review?

    All of them!

    Please be sure to leave a link to your latest post so that others can visit and comment today.

  16. Hi Shelley! Thanks so much for keeping us inspired to improve our blogs. I loved the challenge on SITS and am glad to be with you as we continue on! Here's my take on the questions for the week:

    Stats-I keep stats through c-panel and google analytics. By watching my stats I learned more about which days had the most traffic. And of course, they were always my post days! That gave me good feedback to keep posting and keep my blog current. The best improvement though was the comments. They really were helped by the challenge and the forum participation.

    Hardest-The area that was the hardest for me (and still is) is setting up AND MAINTAINING an editorial calendar.

    Review-I'd love to review updating a key page. That could last a week and it was hard to do in a day! Also, boosting your profile and online presence would be a great week long challenge.

    I started a month long challenge for April on my blog to help moms become better focused and be less distracted in parenting. It's called the Focused Moms Challenge and my latest post gives everyone all the info they need to get started (with special highlights for bloggers)! Hope to see you there!