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Who needs sleep? I have a blog to worry about!

sprout in dirt
Ideas… Ideas… Ideas… Yup that’s me the “idea” lady… Spend hours when I’m “supposed” to be sleeping thinking about ideas for my site… After my horror last week when I realized that somehow according to Google I suck! I want to sit down and work on my site… or in this case think about it when I’m supposed to be sleeping…

I have a little problem though… I have sooo much to say… and so little time… I’m a special needs mom that right there is enough to fill a site, my daughter is going to be *gulp 19 on Sunday.

I have been on a healthy makeover for almost a year… yes, going slow I know but rather slow then lose it and gain it all back plus more, been there done that not going back… I love cooking new and delish food that is “good for you,” OK, that is worthy of another site…

I have another very neglected site which I started with a goal to help others who want to build on a dream; after starting a non profit organization,raising a million dollars to design and create the first fully inclusive playground in Maryland, use it as a model to create 25 more in the area and then help others around the country, yup you know the story…another site… butttt to be honest the site has fallen a little…

And in my “former” life I was an Interior Designer for both homes and offices… So I love design and all it encompasses… and ETSY is a part of that too! yup, another idea for a site…

I have loved meeting bloggy friends either just through reading other peoples sites and learning about them or actually after meeting them at conventions like Bloggy Boot Camp and so now I’m featuring “friends” who are special needs mama’s and ladies on healthy makeovers like myself…

How to mesh these ideas of who I am into one site and give great content to all of you on a daily basis… that is my new quest… Just wanted to let you know I’m workin on it!

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  1. wow – did you get ANY sleep at all with all this running through your head? lol Sounds like you've got some great stuff in the works! :)

  2. I do the same exact thing at night! I get up to feed my baby and then start thinking about my blog instead of going right back to sleep :-(

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and that I gave it a shout out in today's post:

    Have a good night!

  3. I'm so proud of you! I'm in the same boat in terms of having so much to say and not enough time to say it in. I have a list that is now looking like a scroll of blog post ideas, and I also can't sleep because I'm constantly thinking of new ideas, when I haven't even finished the first batch–eeek! At least we're in it together. :)