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We are on a “Mission”

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After creating and running a nonprofit I fully understand the meaning behind a Mission Statement. It should just run off your tongue when explaining the meaning or heart and soul behind your business or in our cases here blogs. However, when was the last time you stopped and thought about your Mission Statement? When I ran Hadley’s Park, our Mission Statement was painted on just about every wall in our offices.

I believe this is an important piece of information that we should each understand for our blog therefore today’s lesson which ProBlogger originally wrote about in his strategic blogging series is about understanding your mission.

‘Why do you exist?’

This is it people, the moment you need to ask yourself “what is the purpose of my blog? What is it all about?”

‘Why do you blog?’

Get ready because today we are going to begin to craft our mission statements. Let’s start by taking a few minutes (or better still a few hours) to ponder this question. What is it that you blog for? What are your core motivations? Be honest as you answer this question because it’s important to nail it down as much as you can as everything else comes from this.

Some blogging ‘missions’ might include:

  • ‘I blog to make a living’
  • ‘I blog for recreational purposes – to help me relax’
  • ‘I blog to keep a record of the life and times of me’
  • ‘I blog because I want to help others’
  • ‘I blog to because I want to connect with others’
  • ‘I blog because it’s fun’
  • ‘I blog because I want to build profile – I want to be known

Understand as unique as each of our blogs are there is no right or wrong answer here rather to come up with something that is distinctively “yours”.

So why do we need a Mission Statement?

  • Because understanding why we blog then helps us to work out how we should blog to best reach our mission.
  • It will keep you focused.
  • It will keep your content “original” to you, *stop playing the compare game.
  • It will help you keep the type of content you will be proud of.

Today’s Task: post a comment below with YOUR newly crafted or updated blog mission statement below.

Now let’s talk off on our missions…

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  1. I blog to have an outlet for myself. It provides me the “me time” that we all so desperately need. Beyond that, I blog about food because it is something that I am very interested in learning more about and sharing that knowledge with others. I blog to discover new friends and foods. I blog because I want to become a better writer, expand my expertise into recipe development and work with brands.

  2. Knowing why you blog is so important. I came to a real crossroads a couple of months ago when I realized I had a blog that had no clear purpose or mission, and suddenly understood why I was having a hard time getting those blog posts rolling. I took a short break to really think about what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it and now it has a focus again.

    So with that said, Improving on the Silence’s purpose is to uplift, inform and entertain. That simple. Hopefully, my blogging is uplifting more than just me, but for that particular blog its good. My other blog Modern Molly Mormon and it’s mission is to be a resource and gathering place for Latter-day Saint women in the 21st century.

  3. Yes, mission statements are very important. The mission statement sets the purpose for your blog. As log as we have this we will never wonder off our “mission” the real purpose of why we are blogging.

    My revised statement:
    I made this blog to give you up-to-date information on any topics from personal development, business, family, health, and product reviews.You have the power to create your own destiny. Stay tuned to find out how to make this power work for you. It’s time to take your inspirations to the next level.

  4. This is such a cool idea. I don’t have a specific mission statement for my blog but my overall mission statement encompasses my life and my business.

    To love and respect God and His Word and be a good steward over all He’s entrusted to me: Family, Finances, Skills, Talents & Physical Body.

    To make my husband feel loved, honored and respected wihile being a faithful help meet to him.

    To be the best example of a Godly mother to my children while helpiing them recognize their potential in life.

    To be an honest business owner that operates at the highest level of integrity that I may be successful at everything I put my hands to do.

  5. I never really thought about a Mission Statement. Many people have asked me about why I blog, or rather what got me started.

    After gastric bypass in 2004 and a loss of 160 pounds I realized that good food with quality products had become a passion for me. Then in 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I realize now that my blog to me is a celebration of life. I love to cook and when I make people smile with what I make I am the happiest woman in the world. To me cooking is a celebration of life and a gesture of love.

  6. Hmmm… will have to give this some thought. Some really great points — thanks for the mind jog!

  7. I’m a professional organizer and the original intent of my blog was to have a resource for my clients where they could find inspiration for completing projects around their home. It was also supposed to be a place where I could work out ideas for them and find innovative and inexpensive ways to organize a home.
    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and here is where I am…now

    The mission of the Imperfect Home is to provide simple and affordable solutions to organize life, home and family. The intent behind the blog is to inspire readers to tackle organizing projects in a manageable way, one day at a time. It is also an outlet for me to be inspired by interacting with readers, other bloggers and to stay relevant by discovering new design, technology and organizing trends.
    whew – thanks for this Shelley. I’m still thinking about it though.

  8. Ann @ CreativeBoomer says:

    My site started as a way to explain technology, then how to create an ebook. But it has evolved more to a motivational place for encouragement in using technology. Motivation to rediscover your inner trailblazer. I’m still working the mission statement. Currently it is:
    Using technology to become invincible not invisible.

    • Nice Tag line 😀 I love the idea of how technology helps us re-create ourselves and asks us to be brave in trying new things.

  9. My intention has always been clear about having a blog, getting hired at an advertising agency.I’ve talked with recruiters and they all gave the same advice. Basically to land a job doing digital campaigns, I have to prove I can manage one. For me that means building my own personal brand.

    I’ve written about this in my author bio page

    This way anyone who is interested in learning about me has a chance to read my whole story.

  10. I blog because it continually saves my life. My readers are my support and it’s free therapy for myself and the rest of the mentally ill on the internet. I blog because other people need to know that just because you have a mental illness, or struggle with weight loss or infertility doesn’t mean that there aren’t good days, or fits of laughter, or beauty and love. I blog to make people laugh, cry and ultimately because I really love the attention.

  11. My writing blog mission is: “keeping the passion for writing alive,” and our mission on misfits&mascara is: “mastering the art of productive procrastination”. It will always be a humorous take on the juggling act that comes from working on your creative projects and keeping up with your overall life.

    I truly agree about the mission statement keeping you focused: when I’m writing a new article, I always make sure to keep it in mind to keep myself from going off on a tangent.

  12. I realize I should start by explaining (for those of you that may not know) my son has Asperger’s which is on the autism spectrum. My mission was originally to help other special needs parents. That is still part of my mission but the more I have been online the more I see the a rift between parents and people on the spectrum. I have seen many try to bridge this rift and I think that we all need to continue to work on it. I have met some wonderful parents and some wonderful autistics and I think that we can all work together to make this a better place for people on the spectrum. Additionally In general there is a lack of understanding of autistics by neurotypicals (people not on the spectrum). I don’t believe this is intentional. I feel that we have an obligation to do more than just spread awareness. I want to help people understand how this world is so different for autistics and it isn’t wrong, it is just different. I feel by accomplishing this it will improve the lives for so many. I guess in short I want to help bridge the gap between neurotypicals and autistics.

    My post this week has been well received and I hope to continue writing in a similar capacity. Although I will still also continue to share our experiences because that really has a true reach with all as well and helps other parents.

    • Love this! And I have to admit to being a lurker on your site as well! (I”ll be a good girl and post a comment soon, promise!) I love that idea of bridging the gap.

      One thing I have found, as my kids have so many diverse issues, is that there are many nuances within the autism and special needs communities about how to write about, understand, empathize with, those with autism or other special needs.

      • Thanks Katrina! I love your blog so I am honored that you are even lurking around my blog- feel free to lurk all you want :) I lurk around yours sometimes too. I did see that you liked a post :) Much appreciated!
        I agree there are definitely many nuances within the autism & special needs communities, I am still learning about them and how to write about them. I can only hope to improve.

  13. My two blogs are teaching oriented. My goal is to teach the skills our “grandmothers” had in the mid-century. On my sewing blog, I included my mission statement–in red–on my About page:

    My goal for Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet is to teach you the sewing and tailoring skills that our grandmothers learned so that they could create fabulous garments and home decor.

    I don’t teach shortcuts. I teach fundamentals.

  14. Since beginning The Dolls Are Alright six months ago, my mission statement has morphed. Recently, when I wrote my About.Me page, I realized what my mission is ~ I want my blog to reawaken imagination ~ where life is seen from a place of wonder, whimsey, wit and wisdom. Imagination renews our spirit, it lightens the load and helps us see life with freshness. I would also love to make a living from my blog and, yes, I will say it here proudly, I want to be famous. With my partner being in his 11th year of Parkinson’s, I know that soon he will need more one-on-one help, and I’d like to be there for him. What better way for me to be able to be there for him, than to work from home on something that brings me great joy. I would love to see Patti, Tricia and Petie grow in popularity, having their own children’s television show, comic book and even their own line of clothes. (My imagination is quite fertile! and imagination helps make dreams come true!) Here’s to all of our dreams coming true!

    • What a great mission. My mom took great care to indulge my imagination when I was a kid. I developed a love of reading, writing, and art because of it. I think it is crucial for goal setting.

  15. The mission of my blog is twofold:

    1. To be a source of encouragement for women to face their daily struggles with prayer, faith, and, very often, laughter; and

    2. To share insights and information on the important causes and issues that grip my heart.

  16. Love this article. Thank you for refocusing me on my MISSION. My business is all about mission–reaching others with the hope, empathy and resources that I’ve been blessed to uncover during 10+ years of recovering from a painful childhood and addictions/drama as an adult.

    Be blessed on your journey!

  17. I blog to teach and inspire people to sew and do other crafts. As well as show case my sewing and other crafts that I do, and to promote my two Etsy shops. but big but – all this is currently side tracked by my pursuit of a BA in Art. Really considering stopping the blogging and just coming back to it later.

  18. So I have thought about this time and again, particularly because blogging has been more difficult for me lately. I decided I’ve been making it too hard on myself … trying to make every post a deep and meaningful kind of thing and holding off on posting some content because I want it to be better. Perfectionism raises it’s ugly head when thinking about my mission statement as well.

    Going back to the basics, though, I would call Kat’s Cafe the following:

    Mission: Kat’s Cafe is a site dedicated to help special needs parents make connections within the special needs community, with the understanding the connections are made socially, emotionally, and by expressing our lives and reactions to life.

    My goal for site visitors is to show that being a “real” special needs parent isn’t about being perfect, it’s about always working to be better, to be your best, and do your best, for your family and yourself.