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Top 10 Bloggy Secrets From Some Pretty Good Experts

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For my friends who followed me as we went through the ProBlogger 31 days to build a better blog challenge; we know some days were more writing then reading. However I believe Day 6 was probably the most reading…

I know it was practically impossible to read all of this in one sitting and none the less in 15 minutes (ha-ha Darren) so I would like to take today to go back to Day 6: 27-Must-Read Tips and Tutorials for Bloggers and take a few hours and see if you can read all 27 tutorials.

Key points:

1. Build a brand, you are building a brand with everything you do online (even comments on other peoples blogs).

2. Be consistent and focused on your brand and topic in all your posts, have foundation, cornerstone articles/eBook/training course/how to etc. (your brand again!) around which everything is built.

3. Generously share your expertise freely and add your value (i.e. your brand) to other blogs.

4. Use large creative commons images, they look better than paid for stock photos.

5. Be the expert or be unique in your niche and give, give give.

6. Post consistently i.e. fulfill the expectations you have set. Setup an editorial calendar and record all your past post topics in it (we will def rework this one!).

7. Include links to your blog in all your outside social media profiles (e.g. twitter, LinkedIn, facebook etc).

8. Build trust with privacy policy and contact details etc.

9. Have a long term strategy. How does this article improve my blog as a whole and my brand.

10. Make sure your titles are SEO friendly (include keywords) and at the same time catchy and attention grabbing.


• Did you read all 27 posts?

• Which of these posts and authors resonated with you the most?

• List one nugget of bloggy wisdom you learned that you want to share with the group?

In case you missed last week’s review challenge: Day 14: Update a Key Page.

And in case you haven’t seen our little grad button over on the forum here it is!

When you are finished with your reading leave a commenthere answering the questions and if you wrote a post today link it here so the lady before you can come and visit and leave you some bloggy love!

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  1. Shelley, this is a great day to go back to! My nemesis if you will :) I am going to try to get through most of it today and come back with my thoughts. I do remember that the flickr images article was very interesting and I learned from it.

  2. I've got to got back and read all these. 27 can be a bit overwhelming but this isn't a sprint…it's a marathon! lol

    Thanks for keeping this up Shelley!


  3. This was such a smart and yet hard one (the other one that was super hard for me was the niche….still no clue on my niche!)

    I did read some but not all of the 27 posts. I think the biggest ones that stood out were about design. That's something I'm working really hard on to ensure its a design others don't go "ACK!" to when they visit my blog.

  4. I only read a few of these but I am not sure what my brand is! Maybe one of you could help me?

  5. I found the ones about design and traffic very interesting (The Maki from Dosh Dosh links were broken for me, did you guys get that?). I am always making sure that my brand is consistent and my website is readable. Also always looking for ways to bring new traffic.

  6. I have NOT read all 27 posts. That's a lot of posts! LOL! I have read a few that really interested me though. I LOVE the brand building concept. It's so easy to get off task in what you're doing with your blog and online identity, it's important to stay true to what/why you started and keep it consistent. And I agree that having a niche and developing it is so important. Thanks for keeping us all accountable and for the challenge follow up!


  7. I loved the posts that we had to read for this assignment. The ones that I found to be most useful were the ones that I could use to enhance what I was already doing with my blog, and I was most excited about the article that showed us how to add images to our blog posts. I now add images to each of my blog articles. :) It adds a little extra flavour to my posts.

  8. Thank you for the head's up! :)