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Key Pages through the looking glass

the looking glass
photo credit: lilivanili

In reviewing everyone’s comments last week about which day’s they would like to review it was unanimous that most people would like to review; all! I sat and was a bit surprised, but then I thought about it and the time I spent working on the challenge and thought: “Ya know, I completely understand how everyone wants to review it all again.” There is so much wonderful information in the 31 Day Challenge and the way Darren presents it is easy to read but as I said before it is almost like a spider web where he links and interlinks, *which “hello!” is what he is telling us to do, and you can see it “does” work if it is done properly. So I took a look at the list of days and thought about what everyone said they were looking for and came up with Day 14: Update a Key Page on Your Blog as our first-Redo.

Take the time to read what Darren has to say and then sit down and take a look at your site and all of your posts.

If you would like to review the original Day 14 in the challenge I have it linked here.

What are your 10 pages or post that you found the most important?

• Can you do this right off the bat? Or like me do you need to go and check this out.

• Obviously our Front Page is a no brainer, I would hope people took this seriously when we began the challenge but for one reason or another which I can completely understand might not have happened.

• Look at your header or logo does it need an update?

• Does it work with what your elevator speech has to say?

• Can someone sum up your site by looking at your Home Page?

The second Page that I recently received may hits on is my “About Page” which I worked on during our last go round.

• Did you work on your About Page?

• What changes did you make?

I have a little confession to make now to our wonderful group, on Friday’s when I ran my contests I tried very very hard to find people’s email addresses. I decided if someone didn’t leave their email address I would “attempt” to find it and if I could I would enter them but I was really surprised at how many people did not have a Contact Page with their email information. I then understood the importance of having a Contact Page; what if I was a Book Agent, or a PR Agent? Anyone who I couldn’t have gotten in touch with might have missed that “one time call” that could have changed their life.

That reminds me of the time that Oprah called my husband and he missed her call! He had been waiting a longgg time to get that call, understandably. However, that was it; he tried to get back in touch with “her people” but when you miss that one call sometimes it is harder to get a second chance. True story, just put it into bloggy perspective. Don’t miss the call or in our case could be e-mail. Contact Page people!

High Traffic Pages: Google Analytics has become my new found friend. I try very hard not to take it so personal with the bounce rate but now understand these a bit better and really take to heart where people are coming from to my site and what posts they go to and leave from.

• So what are the highest traffic pages on your site?

• Do you know how people get there?

Other Key Pages: Advertise with us, Recommended Readings, or Subscribe Pages. Take the time to review these if you have them and if you don’t and think they will help people navigate through your site and spend more time there write one!

Remember; Key Pages could bring you the call that changes your life; don’t miss it by not having one!

Homework for the week:

1. Update a page or two

2. Leave a comment here with the link(s) to the page(s).

3. Review the link to the person who commented before you here and leave a comment for them on how you think this helped you navigate through their site.

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  1. Just a quick hello for now. I have a full day so I'll be back later to "absorb". Can't wait to delve in again. You take care. Sandra

  2. I love this straight forward advice! It is needed in the bloggy world…I have been making some of these changes already but I will work on my About Me page…

  3. Thanks Shelley for keeping us going! This week I updated a page on my blog for my Focused Moms Challenge. I had a bunch of posts about it, but I organized them all and introduced the challenge through one key page (and made it a menu tab, too). That way when people ask me about the challenge, I can direct them to a summary page (rather than making them navigate through a bunch of posts)! Here's the link, I'd love for you to check it out and join the Focused Moms Challenge!

  4. Hi!
    Today, I updated my About Me page with pictures displaying some of my interests to personalize the page a bit more:

    I also updated my front page with new categories in the menu blow my header, cleaned up my sidebars and nav menu:


  5. I just updated a couple of pages today and I've been thinking about a couple of others that I want to update a bit. We'll see how much I can actually get done this week.

  6. Hi everyone, oh how I've missed you! Things have been very hectic for me–a couple of weeks ago my computer crashed, and I have been scrambling to get caught up ever since. *whew On another note, thanks to the inspiration the 31dbbb challenge gave me, I totally revamped my blog using everything we learned, and I've been getting 100 hits more per day already, and barely a dip on the weekends in traffic like we normally get. I still have quite a bit of content to move over, but it's turning out amazing! Thanks to all of you, because without you, I would never have finished that damn challenge, lol! :)

  7. Thanks Shelley. Great idea for the About Me and contact info.

    Stopping in now and then. I really enjoyed the 31 day challenge, learned so much.

  8. I have been trying to decide if I should add a separate contact me page. I have an email link button at the top of my page next to my Facebook and Twitter buttons so I don't know if it would be "overkill" to also have the same info in a page.

    I did a lot of updating during the challenge. Changed my header. Cleaned up my front page. Added several pages. I know there is still plenty more to do!

    Today Jenn from Coolest Family on the Block and I have having a No Housework Party for No Housework Day.

  9. Hi SHelley! I'm late, but I made it! I have this on my calendar, but I was so busy today I didn't even get around to seeing what I had to do!!

    I am going to check out my blog pages again and see if I need to update anything, of course there is always something to streamline or make better! Last time, I severely downsize my sidebar and tweaked the look of my blog overall. I think this time I will update my header and tagline, and check out some of the new pages I added. I'll come back this week and post what I did.

    As far as the contact info goes, I am with you. I always have a hard time finding contact info on blogs! It really perturbs me. I have a contact page with a form, but I also post my email on the contact page in case someone needs to add me to their contact list. AND I have a "contact me" link on the about page because not everyone has the patience to search multiple pages.

  10. I have updated the sidebar, I also updated my description in the sidebar and About page.

    I took out the ads from the sidebar. I was trying to take out just a couple but then they formatted wrong and I couldn't work it out so took them all off. They made it too cluttered and next week I'll be working on an opt-in for my list. I want that to be the focus call to action on my site so the rest had to go.

    I also took away recent comments and links to sites I like. I am looking to monetize and will present these links again in their own section from the main nav bar.

    From my description, I took out newsletter designer because I sometimes get inquiries and have realized I don't want to make money that way.

    Too bad on the Oprah thing!

  11. I didn't have any time until this evening to look at this. Yesterday I decided that I did not like my Header image of my blog title. I'm still not sure I like it. I took out the odd border that surrounded it and made the jar image with the house inside larger and tried to find a font I like better, but did not find one. So I'm still stuck with the same title font. If anyone knows of one that would go better with my jar/house image, I would love to know.
    Here is a link to my front page:

    -Caren with a "C"

  12. I wanted to stop in on this post, as I am currently updating my "Friends of the Ranch" page. I'm organizing a little better, adding a few buttons for the sites I visits weekly, moving some buttons off the page and adding the site to my Favorite Blogs list.

    I've also changed the theme of my blog, and made a new header, still need some work on the header, but it looks pretty kewl, if I do say so myself.

    Hope everyone enjoys their Easter Weekend.

  13. This has been too overwhelming. I have been looking at everything and realizing I need some changes, but getting them done and deciding what I want it to look like now has been too much.

    I think this is one I hope to work on over the next couple of months.