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It’s all about Pillar Content

Today’s lesson is from ProBloggers First Week of blogging and is a very important topic for all bloggers new and old. Pillar Content; how to come up with it? 

For many coming up with great blog ideas is easy, and they just “flow” from your mind.

However, I know from past experience, sometimes our brains just seen to shut down and we get “nothing” which can be very frustrating. The sentence that we always hear “content is king” holds true not only for our readers but for search engines who pick up our posts.

What Is Pillar Content?

Pillar content is foundational or basic content that is essential knowledge for anyone in your niche. It’s evergreen content – it never dates or loses relevance – and it’s the kind of information that people within your audience would search for using Google, Bing, or another search engine. As you can imagine, pillar content is an important aspect of many blogs.

The key here is not to knock yourself out and try and come up with 365 new ideas but to use ideas you have already written about and expand on them.

An example..


In Problogger’s example, he uses a mind map to illustrate the various sub-categories that can be built around a topic for a pet and grooming blog. You can see he takes a main idea topic or original post and expands on it.

Just take out your pen and draw a line from your main idea or post title and then extend to bubbles with various ideas or sub-topics. It is a wonderful way not only to organize but to come up with great new material.

  • Pick up a question that a reader asked in the comments and answer it.
  • Take the opposite point of view
  • Write an opinion view
  • Write a piece that helps people “do it”
  • Do you have a picture that would relate to this or video

Take 15 minutes to do this exercise, when completed you should have a page full of new and exciting material that will make your readers want to dive deeper into your posts.

Weekly tasks:

Utilizing the concept of pillar content, your challenge today is write a post after coming up with a subtopic from your mind mapping and don’t forget to link back to the original post if you can!

After you have written your post don’t forget to link it up here and please take the time to read a post or two and leave some love for everyone!

So do tell, how many mind maps did you create and how many new posts did you get out of this process?

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  1. I’ve been building pillar content on my brown beauty blog for some time now. I’ve been also doing it on my special needs mom site but now to where I can connect a series on one page.

    • i know michelle, that is a whole nother day’s lesson lol… pages with series… have a great weekend. :)

  2. I just completed this task yesterday! I find that the posts that receive the most hits on my blog are the ones that cater to helping writers find new writing markets. I completed one about poetry markets for new writers, a few weeks ago I wrote one about literary markets for new writers, then last week I posted a continuation of that post. Next I’ll be working on finding online markets for writers (which I receive a lot of questions about on a regular basis), and one about finding anthology markets as well. I love the mindmapping technique! It is one that I use regularly since completing 31dbbb.

  3. This is hit or miss for me. Sometimes the ideas flow and other times I get stuck. Mind maps are a good exercise. I will try this this weekend.

    • let us know if/what you come up with miranda, and if you get a post from the exercise love to have you link it above! :) have a great weekend.

  4. We all stumble for content, but I am realizing more and more what I think I should be writing about isn’t what other people are looking for. It pays to do some research as well by looking at forums and seeing what questions your audience is asking. This can also serve for inspiration when we get stuck on topics.

    • then take the info you get an make a mindmap from it, i guarantee you will come up with more posts then you can write on in a short period of time! 😉

  5. It is good to see you again! I have been on blog strike and I have missed reading up on you!

    Since I have decided to abandon my Diaries of a Neurotic Non-Trad blog and start my new blog, I decided to take this blogging thing more seriously and actually learn some stuff. Funny…I just purchased the 31DBBB 2012 ebook about 2 hours ago and now I am seeing it here! I can’t wait to learn and I am getting so excited! And….I suck at being a saleswoman (and I am even worse at being a salesman) but I am going to drop a shameless plug (and beg). Don’t say you weren’t forewarned! PLEASE come visit me at my new home My Life on the N-List at =))))