It’s Thursday, hard to believe we are almost done with our first week! Today follows yesterday’s discussion on how to promote your blog. If you have any questions about how this party is working, see Day 1’s discussion!

This should be an enjoyable task as I imagine most of us love reading blogs in our niche anyway; so pull out the fuzzy slippers and the mug of java and hit your “reader.” When I first started blogging I followed everyone! If you followed me I followed you. To this day I still check out my daily feed to see what is new with all of my Google Connect Friends on Google Reader.

Today’s Task: Take 15 minutes to analyze a blog that is in your niche. Follow along with Darren’s workbook page 15-16 and answer all of the questions for you to review a blog that is in your niche to help shape your own blog strategy.

Key Concepts:

• Studying successful blogs in your niche will show you what’s working well for them as well as topics they might be ignoring which you could satisfy.

• Watch, listen, observe

• Look closer and see how they implement advertisements or promotions and what their readers are asking about. It’s important to note you don’t want to copy another blogger. Be unique, but allow them to inspire you!


1) Which of the areas discussed in today’s task are you most interested in studying about your niche and why? (These areas are Content, Reader Engagement, Design, Monetization, Traffic and SEO) What did you learn from this study?

2) What’s one thing you could do to improve your blog after studying the top blogs in your niche?

3) What was the blog that you explored the most today?

When you are done with reviewing the others site answer the questions above in the comment area. If you’ve written a blog post today, please be sure to leave a link. OR feel free to link from a post in your archives that was inspired by another blog you read in your niche!

Update: *I’d like to thank the lovely ladies of SITS whose site hosted our Problogger Winter 31 Day Challenge.

If you are just joining us “welcome” and feel free to answer the questions here and leave a link to your post if you wrote one and we can keep the party going! Woot Woot!

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