Wow, can you believe it’s Day 25 already? Less than a week is left of the challenge, and it’s been a whirlwind, but an amazing one. I have loved reading everyone’s blog posts and seeing all the support here on the forum. I think a LOT of people have improved their blogs over the last few weeks, and I feel like I’ve learned so much!

Today’s task is to ask a question of your readers. In the e-book, Darren gives us 10
reasons this is a good idea as well as 12 tips for asking questions of your readers.


Asking readers questions can increase their sense of community and participation.

Question posts can rank high in search engines and generate incoming traffic.

Ask questions that are relevant to your blog’s type and actually have answers.

Consider following up your question post with summaries of answers.


1) Have you written a question post in the past? How was the response? (include links!)

2) Have you seen a question post on another blog that got you involved or drew your interest? What about the post got you interested?

Update: *I’d like to thank the lovely ladies of SITS whose site hosted our Problogger Winter 31 Day Challenge.
If you are just joining us “welcome” and feel free to answer the questions here and leave a link to your post if you wrote one and we can keep the party going!

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