Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend I was wondering, what is going to happen after these 31 days are over? How can we continue to help each other grown our blogs, so I’ve been thinking… Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas about this. I do know I would like to at least continue and host a monthly challenge… OK, that’s my little “I’m going to miss everyone so much speech” lol.. Here we are at Day 17, let’s keep on going!

Key Concepts:

• New readers decide in seconds if they want to stay/return to your site.

• Just like “real life” first impressions

Today’s task is to watch someone navigate your blog for the first time to see how they use and experience your blog. The idea is to see your blog objectively in order to get some unbiased feedback.


1) When you asked someone to navigate through your blog for the first time what did they seem drawn to?

2) What useful observations and/or feedback did they offer?

Update: *I’d like to thank the lovely ladies of SITS whose site hosted our Problogger Winter 31 Day Challenge.

If you are just joining us “welcome” and feel free to answer the questions here and leave a link to your post if you wrote one and we can keep the party going!

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