We are nearly half way through our challenge. I just want to say that everyone is doing an amazing job so far. The comments have been so thoughtful and helpful. Keep them coming! Let’s try and keep everyone encouraged and “together” here, I don’t want to have any party poopers! I know we are all busy but let’s all try and keep it together.

Key Concepts:

This exercise is designed to both get you out of your own head and observe how brick and mortar businesses are going about marketing. Taking a break from the computer helps recharge the batteries. Noticing how retailers operate and grab consumers’ attention may inspire you to make some innovative changes to your blog.


1) Other than a mall, are there places where you have found ideas or inspiration for your blog?

2) Have you made any changes or come up with any interesting posts from such a trip?

Update: *I’d like to thank the lovely ladies of SITS whose site hosted our Problogger Winter 31 Day Challenge.

If you are just joining us “welcome” and feel free to answer the questions here and leave a link to your post if you wrote one and we can keep the party going!

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