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A List is a List is a List…

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Happy Thursday, you know what that means to me; “Hello to all of our ProBlogger 31dbbb participants!” and those of you who want to review the program in a more leisurely manner…

Today we are going back… way back… to the beginning of the ProBlogger challenge and to Day 2: Write a List Post.

The purpose of a list post is to provide your readers with information that is easy to read and spread. And after going through the challenge we all learned that people like to read these… So let’s take a few moments to discuss why…

• Lists can be serious or fun

• List posts are often amongst a blog’s most popular posts

Let’s take a look at the 10 Steps to build the perfect list via ProBlogger

1. Decide on the number of items in the list

2. Keep each item in the list similar

3. Brainstorm more items than you need

4. Order the list logically

5. Break very long lists into sections

6. Consider making your list a series

7. Be consistent in how you write each item

8. Always number the items

9. Invite readers to add to the list

10. Choose a great title

If you would like to go back and review the original Day 2 in the challenge I have linked it here

Remember that if your head is running on empty at the moment you can always hop over to Digg or Delicious for popular stories which might inspire you to write a list post.


Do you have a great tip for writing list posts?

Have you had any hugely successful lists on your blog?

Homework for this week:

Answer the above questions below in comments

Write a list post this week and come back and put the link here.

If you missed last week’s review lesson it’s OK, just pop by and check it out! Day 14: Update a Key Page on Your Blog and remember to leave a link to your updated page!

Let’s all remember to take a few moments to leave a comment on everyone who leaves a link here!

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  1. Hello my favourite bloggers! I happened to write a list post the other day, and I am happy to report that it has received the most hits so far out of any of my list posts! Yippee! My tip to write a list post successfully is to write the list first, and then flesh out each point afterwards. I find that it saves me a lot of time during the writing process.

    Here is a link to my list post:
    Turn Your Anecdotes Into Personal Essays (And Make Money Doing It)

  2. Do you have a great tip for writing list posts?

    Keep your points short and succinct and use bold faced font to emphasize the most important things.

    Have you had any hugely successful lists on your blog?

    These list post was popular:
    5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Trying to Conceive Self

  3. The challenge is starting up again. That's great!
    That's for letting me know. :-)


  4. It's great that 31dbbb is continuing! I've had a lot of luck with list posts, they always seem to get a good response.
    Here's one I wrote just the other day:

  5. Thanks for taking me back to this task. I had forgotten, yes, that quickly, just how quick and easy these types of posts are.

    Latest Post: Actually, I have done two today.

  6. So glad you reminded me of this! It made my Friday post a thousand percent easier. :)

  7. I had this tab open for days, but I have finally had a chance to come leave a comment!

    Do you have a great tip for writing list posts?

    The best list posts are typically short and have succinct keywords that can be easily pulled out. They also have to be engaging in some way: funny, passionate, informative, etc.

    Have you had any hugely successful lists on your blog?

    This was my most successful based on comments and pageviews:

    This is my latest list post:

  8. I love list posts! They're easy to write and they're much easier on the eyes to read! I've found that list posts are also easy to create when you're having a bit of writer's block too.

    My list this week was about traveling with kids on Easter. It's more of a humorous/what not to do type of list.

  9. Hey Shelley and Everyone,

    Ever since th last week of 31dbbb my health has been on a rocky roller coaster so I have been in and out of the blogging game. I have been wanting to reconnect with everyone here, but, alas, I have been barely blogging – forget about my extra-curriculars!

    So here goes my attempt to rejoin the group :)


    Do you have a great tip for writing list posts?

    TIP 1: Don't forget to do them (this is what I always do)
    TIP 2: Don't always think list first, then post. If you have an idea for a post, think, "How can I make this a list?" Sometimes those are the BEST lists ever!!

    Have you had any hugely successful lists on your blog?

    I have to say that list posts are ALWAYS more successful than other posts for me (save one exception where I wrote a post about a grant opportunity that turn out to be an ENORMOUS post).

    I created a "Friday Food Finds" semi-regular series on my Searching for Sustenance blog that is a weekly list of stuff I find but don't have time to blog about. That ranks pretty high with various foodie groups that don't always jump onto my more politically charged posts.

    I am going to switch back and forth between my two blogs for this review group, to try and help my personal blog grow as well, so the post I wrote today is from Rivera Runs Through It. It is one of those crazy list posts where there are multiple lists happening within.

    It is also related to 31DBBB, so it is quite relevant for my re-emergence here!

    The post is called: WHERE DO I GET MY DEGREE IN BLOGGING?


    ~Nicole :)

  10. Shelley! Okay, so I did not post last week because I knew I was doing a list post this week and I published it today.

    I always seem to have good success with lists – I love reading them and writing them!

    A good tip might be to see if your list has been done before or not and maybe try to put a spin on it or add new and up to date items.

    Here is the post I did this week: Top 35 Websites for Foodies and Food Lovers –