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The big bad dirty oven

My not so clean oven

Yes, I have a self-cleaning oven… Well it would be one thing if I used the “self-clean” every once in a while but who has time for that? LOL Instead we use it and use it however when it came time for the Eco-Green Kitchen Cleaning Challenge to clean the oven, I took a good look inside and thought Um, Yup this is much needed. OK, I have to put a little disclaimer here I do clean it but just not that often… As I said, who has time to wait the 4-6 hours for self clean?

In keeping with the Eco-friendly challenge I came up with this “concoction” which seemed to do the trick pretty good.

Chemical Free Oven Cleaning Concoction


5T Baking Soda
3 Drops of Liquid Dish Soap
4T White Vinegar


Mix the above into a thick paste.

Watching it bubble reminded me of an old chemistry experiment

Use a sponge to apply to the oven cleaning concoction to the inside of the oven

Let sit for an hour or so

Get ready to work those arm muscles and scrub

Use a lemon to scrub some more and get rid of the vinegar smell

Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry

*a little tip before baking in the oven after cleaning I would take some bread and bake it to “absorb” the smells so it doesn’t end up in your next dish.

I don’t know about you but I have a “little” problem with food breaking the boundaries of my pans sometimes and messing up my oven floor. Obviously it is best to try and stop this from happening so here are a few tips:

Muffins: Use a measuring cup with a spout to pour batter into muffin tins neatly, avoiding drops on the tin that can burn and “hop” off. To make sure your muffins don’t topple over never fill the tins more than ¾ full.

Casseroles: Put a cooking sheet on the rack below with aluminum foil inside. If anything spills over it is as easy as throwing up the foil.

Pies: I find that it is best when cooking pies to use a silicone mat (for baking cookies) on a baking sheet below. Again, that way the mat will catch the bubbling fruit that almost always runs over the sides.

Somehow those are my worst culprits for “overflow” hope this helps and remedies… What do you use and tell me how often do you clean your oven? Remember no judgments coming from me!

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  1. Nice and clean! I'm going to attempt to clean my oven with your recipe. Your dirty oven looks brand new compared to my dirty oven.

  2. I have the perfectly clean oven. Why? I don’t use it. Lol…I’ve never been big on using the oven. Maybe it was those dreadful, fumigating, toxic cleaning sprays my mother used whe I was growing up. This is a much better solution. THank you! Now maybe I have found the freedom to run this thing on! :-)