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Oprah still can teach you something about yourself


Yesterday morning a new bloggy buddy of mine who I had the pleasure of traipsing around San Diego with at blogher, tweeted me that she was on the train heading for the windy city of Chicago. I thought “hmmm wonder what she is heading there for and I think I even asked while getting caught up in our “how are you, miss you kind of conversations.” And in the midst of all the pleasantries somehow the name Oprah came out… and silly me I didn’t put two and two together until um 9:45PM EST… When I thought maybe I should hit Oprah on the computer and low and behold came across Oprah’s Life Class… *where my friend was taping the show!

Now, a little background on my “Oprah” relationship. I love Oprah, well maybe not “love” but I certainly do admire her, she is a real person who shares her real life vulnerabilities to the world publicly… On the personal side… My husband got the “call” from Oprah’s right hand woman Heather Aldridge, and yes, he “missed” the call because he was in the bathroom. The bathroom! Can you imagine? He tried to call Heather back, but when you get that call… if you miss that call…. That is it…. We know she has a “file” on our family… but… we missed “that” shot… however… it doesn’t mean maybe someday we won’t get another… I hope, said with fingers crossed.

Anyhow, back to Oprah and what she is doing now and how it has once again touched my little life… Life Class… She is hosting shows on various “life lessons” and last night’s…


Um, once again that fairy in the sky, somehow hit me through my friend and I tuned in… Boy was this show right up my alley with where I am now with my anxiety and panicking… Just yesterday while working with my doctor we came up with the “where” my anxiety comes from… Trust… lack of trust…*which is a whole different post However, I wanted to share some very powerful statements that came out of last night’s lesson on anger and forgiveness..

“Forgiveness is accepting that it has happened, not accepting that it was ok for it to happen”…

“Releasing anger allows beauty to come back into your life.”

“If you allow the past to define your present, you never get to live the life you were meant to live.” 

“Forgiveness is letting go so that the PAST does not hold you hostage.

Control is the #1 human addiction.

I thought the end of this show was so inspirational and hit me so hard I stayed up until 11pm EST to watch the repeat of the show. You can find Oprah’s Life class online and you can even join in if you would like. I am just happy to have caught this to end my day with finally a “smile!”

How about you, forgiveness, how do you feel? Has it affected your life?

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  1. Hi Shelley, Great article! I just happened to be switching channels yesterday and on TLC here was Oprah – Life Lesson on forgiveness! Although I totally agree that one must let go and forgive, I do find it a challenge some times. I must remind myself why I need to forgive and go on. ““Releasing anger allows beauty to come back into your life.” Now, how true is that? Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

    • Hi Alexandra! Forgiveness is a very hard lesson and for one major thing in my life although i can NOT forgive the people involved i have forgiven myself for not being able to forgive them and am working on coming to peace through that! but it is def hard, which is why it hit such a cord with me! <3

  2. I love and live this now….“Forgiveness is letting go so that the PAST does not hold you hostage…..and have for the past 10 years. It embodies who I am and what I stand for . I am very blessed to have met you in the You Can Do group…thanks for all you do!

  3. Thanks for a great article – and for sharing the quotes as I didn’t catch the Life Lesson show on Forgiveness. I have heard it said that unforgiveness (or resentment) is like me taking poison, hoping the other person will die. In other words, I am the one suffering and being held hostage by the past offense while the other person is completely unaware. I am better at forgiving others than I have ever been on my journey… now maybe not quite so much on forgiving myself. But then that is another article for another day….

    • that is it, you hit the nail on the head… not letting go only hurts you… the other person/people most likely don’t know of care so they certainly are not thinking of it, YOU are the ONLY person that it is eating up! finally learned that lesson, burned my list and moved on!

  4. Forgiveness lets the beauty come back in your life. Love it! Absolutely so true… Thank you so much for posting this. x0x

    Norma Doiron @The LEARNED Preneur ╰☆╮

  5. Love this topic and your quotes about it. One of the most powerful Oprah shows I ever saw was on forgiveness. Many times over the years I’ve thought back to that show. At the heart of my recovery from addictions, debilitating mental illness and crippling immaturity (yes, really! –lol) has been practicing forgiveness. One of the most important aspects of this that I try to remember is that forgiveness isn’t a feeling, it’s a fact…I can choose to turn my thoughts away from retribution or re-running the tapes of how I was hurt and simply let go! There are so many other sources of beauty and life to focus on. Love and hugs, Elise Adams

    • Love that last sentence “There are so many other sources of beauty and life to focus on.” thanks so much Elise! <3

  6. Great article! Forgiveness truly frees us to be who God has uniquely created us to be. Thanks for sharing and the reminder!

  7. What a great reminder about forgiveness! So many people think that holding on to the anger hurts the other person but it only hurts them.

  8. I’ve been taught about forgiveness all my life and am thankful for receiving it, but I have such a hard time giving it. I know it is something I really have to work on. I tend to hold grudges long and mope over things that I cannot change. It is a daily thing I stuggle with to even forgive myself for mistakes I make. Somehow I just need to let go of things and understand that I’m human.
    On another note… my mom was on Oprah last year for the Pillsbury $1,000,000 winner announcement. My mom won the Appetizer category in the Pillsbury Bake-Off 2010. She and my sister had a great time.

    • Hi Caren, I completely understand about holding grudges, but somehow we have to stop and think who is this hurting more? Easy to say “ohhh yes” hard to do… I know! Have a great day! And OMG your mom must be a a wiz in the kitchen, how cool is that????? I guess she didn’t “miss” the call lol

  9. Wonderful. I think forgiveness is one of the most important skills we can develop. I see some close to me who have become expert at nursing past hurts and holding grudges, even when they can’t remember why they hate. And to see the sadness of a life consumed with regret and hate–what a waste. Thanks for this wonderful reminder that we bless ourselves most when we learn to let go and forgive.

  10. Thanks you so much for posting this Shelley! I love forgiveness and do it actively it helps to find inner peace instantly!

  11. I haven’t watched TV in so long – and it literally has been over 20 years since I saw an Oprah show. I do also really admire her and I’ve read her autobiography. If you know anything about her childhood and early 20s they were riddled with abuse and struggle. If anyone has something valuable to teach about forgiveness, surely Oprah is the one who could teach that the best!