photo credit: George M Grouta

…and now It’s a new day!

I did it! I took the “first step” in getting my wellness journey back on track… You know what I did? The dreaded… stepping on the scale! How many of us just fear this number sooo much? Last night I even dreamed about it in anticipation of my “Monday morning Weigh in.” Ha now I’m wishing my weight in my dream was the weight in reality… NOT! Of course NOT! And let me tell you it wasn’t a “small” number of wishful thinking… just a few pounds under where I am now!

But… I’m not going to beat myself up. I had a wonderful start last year with Rebecca and she taught me a LOT about mindful eating. I do know and understand I am an emotional eater and like with any “addiction” which I am beginning to feel that emotional eating falls into, I need to really take control of it.

Unfortunately, I have had a few really bad months and really have been suffering with panic which of course stopped me from going to the gym. You ask why, well I panic in the car and from January till the present have “locked” myself away at home not wanting to do anything. I’m telling you there were days that taking a shower was a struggle as I was panicking so much. But that is a whole other topic which I will be exploring.

The good news is I am taking this day by day… Meal by meal…. Work out by work out… and not looking for the short fix… I’m back on track with understanding this is for the long haul… So please welcome me back to the world of the living and caring about myself… again.

Let’s challenge each other!

However, this picture isn’t from today, it is pretty current, it’s from a few weeks ago when I went away to celebrate my 26th anniversary with my husband.

Day One:

• Step on the scale! I dare you! Just do it! It will be the beginning of your journey too! Cry, Scream, throw a fit… and then get over it and move on!

• Write down the number… Hide it in your drawer… Post it on the fridge.. or above your desk

• Take a photo of yourself today!

Now who is with me? Jump on board and follow my wellness makeover both here and on my facebook where I will be putting up recipes and inspirational posts-well I hope you find them inspirational!