Dear Shelley,

OK, it has been a month now… I honestly am trying to get over this thing called, “panic.” I just don’t understand how someone so “together” could snap in a matter of weeks! I have tried to forgive and move on, even wrote a “burned list.” I am writing a “bucket list” so I can have things I’d like to look forward to doing, and then DO them! I know I have a lot on my plate but it is OK, one day at a time… I just have to move forward, one day at a time.

I have so many friends, in person and on the net, which I have avoided not intentionally but it has just been “easier” to stay away then “talk.” I’m really not one for sharing allll of my life… Just bits and pieces… I never want to be “that friend.”

Anyhow, you know you have a lot going on… Lots good, some unresolved but trying to move on, OK Mr. Panic, can you please find comfort in someone else’s home or mind or wherever or however you hoped into mine, I’d really really like to move on.. I’m busy… and would like to get back to “living” my life!

Yours truly,

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