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Ahoy there Pirate Booty

photo credit: Pirate Brands

Dear “Pirate Booty” Producers,

I recently came across your little fluffy balls of rice or air or whatever they are and I just want to tell you I am in love! Thank you so much for creating a crunchy and sinfully delicious um do I dare say “nutritious” and guilt free snack…. Butt, please please please can you come up with a honey barbeque flavor that rivals Frito’s flavor; I just yearn for that sweet and salty taste and I don’t want to be forced to abandon my “healthy living” and run back to the “dark side” of snacks… Um K! Thanks so much,

Your little snacker!

Who is with me? What is your guilty pleasure?

*Oh food that is a guilty pleasure; my nutritionist is going to have a hay-day if she sees this!

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  1. I swear some day I will make the ultimate healthy snack that tastes just like cheetos!

  2. I cannot find that schtuff anywhere…I want to try it soooo bad!

  3. I have only seen this brand online, too. With trying to keep my blood sugar numbers in check, I'm constantly searching for healthier snack options so I don't gorge myself on Doritos 😀