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A shell with life

snail in the grass
photo credit: Krondol

Dear Shelley,

It’s time… time to take back your “life.” I know you have been a prisoner in your own mind for a few months now and it’s time to give the gatekeeper the key and move back into the real world…

For the past 7 months I have been keeping myself “safe” in my little computer office, writing which is a good thing but staying out of civilization, um not so good, not driving, not so good, not exercising, really not good at all… it’s time…

Panic has been my nemesis for a while now… You know I have suffered from panic and anxiety for most of my adult life and this time you know let it really get the best of me and almost became agoraphobic. I recently learned that Paula Deen began her biz because she felt like she couldn’t leave her home… so here’s hoping something wonderful will come out of my “confinement.”

I have been working with a doctor for the past few weeks on getting me back in the car which I really need to do, so much of my life revolves around getting out and around.

That’s it, just wanted to let you know… I’m ready… to come out of my shell and let my face hit the sun again… Oh glorious day!

How about you? Have you ever suffered from panic or anxiety?

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  1. Courageous Shelley! Cuz that's what you are, ya know. It takes a lot of courage to face those worries and the panic – so kudos to you that you are ready to take back what it has taken from ya! You are such a beautiful person – inside and out! – and I wish that you'll be free to show the world the SHelley you really are! I deal with anxiety at times – not fun. You go girl! I know you'll get there and I want to yell for you along the way: well done! keep going! You are so so worth it! Happy driving :)

  2. Good for you for facing this, Shelley! I experience a lot of anxiety and shyness in public. I have had to push through it – very hard – to be social throughout my life.

    Spring is a perfect time for your rebirth, right? xo

  3. *hugs* Good for you for facing this head on. We're all rooting for you! :)

  4. Hi Shelley—Would never have guessed. You seem so out-and-about in the world in your writing. Panic and anxiety are tough things to live with—whether they revolve around leaving the house, speaking in public, or what I've been dealing with lately which is wondering if I'll find a job and be able to pay my bills. Glad to hear you are standing up to your fears…again. You've certainly stood up to other fears before so I know you have it in you. From where I sit, you're positively a warrior!!

  5. *Hugs* to you, dear! Way to go for facing this head on. That's something to be proud of! I've dealt with panic and anxiety in situations too, and I know it's not easy. Please know that we are all behind you. We're here for you, rooting for you!

  6. After being on a mission for 18 months where I had a partner with me 100% of the time, it took me at least a month to go out of the house by myself when I returned from the mission. I had high anxiety of going anywhere alone, especially at night. I still don't like going out alone at night.
    Therapy is a great thing! I think it works! We have my 8 year old daughter in therapy right now for social anxiety. I know how real it is.
    Speaking about it is a great step in overcoming it! Kudos to you Shelley! And thanks for all you have done for our 31 day group! I know we all appreciate the time you have spent to lead us.

  7. So glad that you're feeling better, the sunshine really helps doesn't it? I've also started to get age-related anxiety and I hate it, I know it's not me, and I just find it paralysing. But you know what? Today the sun is shining, I'm just heading out for a run and I'm feeling good: hope you are too xx

  8. I hear you. I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope the sun shines in the Midwest before summer is over because it's getting quite cranky round these parts.