I have spent a good deal of time this year reflecting on the first half of my life… I have learned not to take anything for granted through a lot of ups and downs and thought in honor of my birthday I might take a moment to come up with 50 things I am thankful for…

1. My family, first and foremost!
2. Being able to say “I changed the world a lil bit!”
3. My education-although at the time I really didn’t appreciate it, I wished I enjoyed my college years a bit more!
4. Twitter and all of my extended twitter buddies
5. My facebook friends and everyone who follows my “wellness makeover” You aren’t alone!!
6. Good Coffee and the smell of it!
7. My health
8. Fruit-no points!
9. The smiles of my daughters
10. My electricity especially when it works!
11. A good book
12. A good chic flick
13. A good cheesecake! Yum (I know countless points!)
14. My beautiful gardens
15. Everyone I have met though all of my social media circles over the past 2 ½ years.
16. Best friends who really care!
17. A good heartfelt conversation
18. A good secret
19. The Food Network for introducing me to Ellie Krieger, the Neely’s, Giada and of course Paula Deen!
20. That I have had the chance to experience the theater.
21. The change of seasons however I am really not liking winter so much anymore!
22. The sound of a good rain hitting my window while I’m snug as a bug…
23. Zumba
24. A long warm bath or shower
25. Watching the sunset over the ocean
26. My digital camera
27. A smile
28. A fond memory or two…
29. The smell of fresh cut grass
30. Color! As a designer it influences my life daily, the more the better!
31. My organization-ability or ADD LOL
32. My beautiful home
33. Imagination-god knows I have lots!
34. Compliments! Although I’m not the best at taking them, it is always nice to hear!
35. Dancing a good dance!
36. My therapist-yeah been there done that! Anxiety people!
37. Food Magazines
38. Kisses~
39. Lavender
40. Being able to use all four of my senses and hands and feet!
41. My hairdresser
42. My comfy jeans
43. Quiet time I have to reflect
44. The opportunity to spend time with people who I like
45. That I can “pick myself up and keep on standing!”
46. Life
47. Just being me!
48. Of course all of YOU who are reading this!
49. Today
50. Tomorrow, my big big bday! Happy birthday to me!

Join me in honor of my birthday and let’s see your list of what you are thankful for…

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