A few weeks ago I was all gung ho about getting my butt back to the gym and went ahead and purchased a body bug to monitor my calories in and out. That was going fine and dandy; well not the calories out part because I have been having a little “dry spell” lately with my exercise routine. However, in the past week I took the little sucker off for a “brake” so now I have not been entering my calories in either.. This has to stop! I need to get bitten by the bug again and start to exercise, these are the top 5 reasons to put the bug back on and exercise!

1. When I am exercising I feel better about myself; the little endorphins start to kick in and I feel “happier.” Who likes to be around Miss Grumpy Gills?

2. I have more energy to take care of Hadley.

3. I sleep much better when I am exercising. I don’t know why, maybe I am just plain exhausted when my head hits the pillow but I know I am “out” for some good sleep.

4. My heart; I know that exercise is good for my heart. I have been taking blood pressure meds since my pregnancies and I really would like to get off of them… Yes we are talking 19 years…

5. My calories out exceed my calories and yes by golly, I lose weight-that is kind of a little goal here. And inevitable then I like what I see in the mirror.

Inspire me… What are your reasons for exercising?

*I’d love to have you join in the journey to healthy living with me. For healthy tips and musings from me as I reach my goal of healthy living within a special needs household.

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