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12 uses for keeping calm with Lavender

lavender collage

photo credits: cameron parkins, paula jeans garden, tom tolkiencjewel, sophie’s favors

  1. Add 2-3 drops to your bath salts for a soothing magical bath and Relaaxxx…
  2. Add 12 drops per 1 oz of skin care oil for a relaxing massage.
  3. Add 9 drops to 3 tablespoons of water in a candle lamp diffuser.
  4. Place 2-3 drops of lavender oil onto your sandals at night to leave them smelling clean and refreshed.
  5. Add 5-6 drops into a small towel and toss into the dryer during the cool down.
  6. Mix with baking soda and a spritz of lemon to create a natural scouring powder-green and fresh!
  7. Mix 6 drops per 1 oz of water and create a soothing skin mist. Great for summer use!
  8. Add a few drops to a sachet and hand in clothes closet to smell fresh, refresh as needed.
  9. Diffuse to calm a crying baby..
  10. Place a few drops on your pillow at night.
  11. Inhale prior to yoga or at the end.
  12. Inhale to calm a frustrating commute-leave in car!

Calming Tea:


2 cups boiling water
1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers
1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves or 1 teaspoon dried
honey (optional)
lemon strips (optional)


1. Put the mint and lavender flowers in the tea pot and add the hot water. Steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Pour through a fine mesh strainer into tea cups. Serve hot with honey and lemon as desired.


Where can I find lavender?

Blue Moon Lavender

Local Harvest

Aura Cacia

Have you tried any of these great uses of lavender to help keep you calm?







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  1. What a beautiful way to get calm. I love the photos, this page is just beautiful and a recipe to boot. Love it!

  2. Shelley, Can’t wait to try out some of these new uses for lavender oil. I love all your pics, looking forward to coming back to your website and reading more!!! I put lavender on my pillow every evening and helps me sleep so much better! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great blog!  Thanks for sharing.  You Can Do members are fantastic. 
    Lorii –

  4. This is so awesome…I actually just picked up some Lavender as I use it prior to meditation. I am excited to try some of the other ways to use it :) Thanks for the helpful post!

  5. I am going to try this. I love to stop by your site it’s beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this.. I want to make that beautiful wreath too. Love our group YouCanDo !!!

  6. I love lavender. Now I have some great new ideas for using it to create my wonderful calming place. Thanks, Shelley! By the way, I LOVE the new site. It looks terrific.

  7. Love it! Will be trying out your tips… (-_-)
    Norma Doiron @The LEARNED Preneur ╰☆╮

  8. I love Lavender :-) I am a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and I can’t imagine living without Lavender Essential Oil. My kids love it in their baths in the evening. I’ve used it when I have a sinus headache and my husband loves it when he has allergies–just a sniff or two or even two or three drops of the oil in a tall glass of ice water is incredibly helpful!

    And I LOVE your suggestion #4. Sometimes I get so focused on it’s medicinal use that I forget out incredible it’s aroma is!

    • baths are a great place for herbs… my daughter with cp takes sage baths and it really helps her muscles relax, it is truly amazing!

  9. Carol Giambri says:

    Great topic and advise. Thanks for sharing the lavender tips on how to use it too. Just so appropriate and great way to get back to basics instead of drugs — no judgment to others, but just my belief and practice. Thanks for sharing Shelley.

    • It is funny, I am so the “anti-drug” find anything else to do and my husband grew up in a pharmacy… lol

  10. Such a beautiful collage of pictures! I would love to have more lavendar scented items in my bedroom, but I seem to always get a headache from the smell. :(

  11. I love lavender. When my mom was in the hospital almost 2 weeks before she passed, we would spray it on her pillow at night…so she would sleep sound. I still have that same bottle and use it at night and it reminds me of my beautiful momma 😉 Thanks, for sharing this Shelley.

  12. Your page is awesome!! Lavender is the only thing I grow at my condo….wouldn’t be without it!

  13. Thanks Shelley, I am a lavender lover. I keep it by my bed and at night put some oil on my feet and head before I go to sleep. I also love lavender tea and we live by a farm and the restaurant sells foods prepared with lavender.

  14. I just love your site, Shelly! I feel like just breathed in a big dose of lavender just by visiting your site! I am super new to the whole essential oils thing, so it’s nice to have a resource that tells me what all of these oils are for, what they can do, and how I can apply them. Thank you!

    • hi kelly,
      i have been getting into the whole aromatherapy lately to “calm” myself down… so i will be writing more about it over time…. thanks for popping by! <3