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Archives for August 2011

So what was blogher all about?

After 2 years I finally made it to blogher! I have always heard about the clothes, the shoes, the swag, the parties, and the networking and wanted to experience it for myself…

photo collage from blogher 11

So this is what I learned…

1. Virtual friends really are real “blood and bones.” So many of my friends who do not have blogs or tweet just do not understand that support can come from anywhere even your computer… in your pj’s or sweats at all hours of the day or night. And meeting these buddies in real life is a real “hoot!” So you can go alone… and come home with 20+ new friends that you will continue to chat with daily. *waving to Allie from and Francesca from, and Mary from, and my new friends Melissa and Jyl from, and Carissa from, and so many others!

2. Next year I will “do” the conference much differently! I think like anything it takes a year (or more) to “master” the conference. However, when it comes to the EXPO next year I will take an initial spin around the floor and see who/what is there and then I will return after I figure out which brands I have alliances with be it being a special needs mom, or someone on a wellness makeover, or a lifestyle writer and look through the eyes of each. I did this just a smidge this year.

3. The “off site parties” are MUCH more than good loot! I am sure there are many bloggers who run to those parties for the swag bags but again, this is where a lot of initial relationships are made with the PR agents that work with the various brands. Just getting to know them and giving my “elevator pitch” is key to establishing an ongoing relationship… I keep coming back to this… relationships… That is what a lot of blogher or any convention is about…building relationships!

4. The on site parties… be ready to have a great time! And please next year leave your migraine at home! Uhhh

5. Comfy shoes are a must!! Walking and walking and sitting and then some more walking, did I mention I walked? Need I say more? (note to self next year carry flip flops in bag)

6. Take your time and go through the conference session program… I sat through a few sessions which I already knew what they were talking about hoping that there would be more “meat” to it; we all know “content is king!” and we should be writing daily, this is where I felt a little kick in the tush.. So you know I am working on my editorial calendar and getting daily posts up. Next year I might consider going to Pathfinder Day as it was more niche focused, however like the regular sessions I heard mixed reviews… so just take it for what it is worth and if a session isn’t working for you politely see what is on your list and move on…

7. Take an hour or so for “down time.” There were points in the conference where I felt like I was on “overload” aside from unfortunately carrying my monthly migraine with me, my brain actually hurt. So to taking an hour or so to just sit outside or have an informal lunch with a friend or two is a must!

8. Stay at the closest hotel, if you can! I was fortunate to stay at the Marriott which was next door to the convention center but heard about ladies staying blocks away and with all the walking you do already, although it was exercise, it was exhausting, and if you wanted to sit down for a break it would have been hard to do it at a hotel which wasn’t close.

9. I gave myself an extra day to chill out before flying back out across the country, if you can do it; it was a great way to evaluate everything with a “clear” mind.

10. Have fun! Don’t beat yourself up for NOT getting to everything! It would be impossible to do, enjoy each moment and try and meet 1 or 2 new buddies who you will be happy to see next year! Just like camp!

Can you feel my excitement?

welcome to blogher sign
photo credit: Mrs. FireMom

It is almost here… #blogher11. I am so excited to finally be “going” to this convention with a mere 3000 attendees who love to write about anything and everything! If you are reading this I probably don’t need to tell you what blogher is all about but for the few friends who don’t blog and read this a lil background:

What the heck is blogher?

At, you’ll find the best conversations led by women in social media. A curated selection of authentic voices. Life well said.

BlogHer is a community and media company created in partnership with women in social media. Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins founded BlogHer in 2005 in response to the question, “Where are all the women bloggers?”

So what is #blogher11?

It is a conference where everything is taken from virtual-ality to reality in a long weekend. It is bringing together “friends” who talk to each other daily online and bringing them together to learn from one another and other successful bloggers. Um “hello” Pioneer Women. *I still think she has a bunch of elves like Santa who work with her!

And I love this…. “In the elevator someone asked me what the conference is all about. My answer-women who are changing the world one blog post at a time.”

I don’t need to tell you what social beings women are… and since I have entered the world of “bloggysphere” in 2009 I have met wonderful women all over the world. And I am just excited to be jumping “out of my comfort-zone” of my office and computer and meeting everyone in “real life.”

So how does one prepare for blogher? I found a few posts from fellow bloggers inspiring and thought I’d share them with you!

• Make the most out of being at a conference

• If you are joining us in San Diego: Mapping your events for the conference

• And this one just I got from Twitter and it just cracked me up because you have to know bloggers LOVE to take photo’s! (*it’s a girly thing!) @kikarose: Are you ready for those #BlogHer11 photos? Here are 3 tricks to looking FAB in all of them.

Nine tips for blogher newbies

Do I need to wait until next year to attend a blogging convention?

In 2009 when I started blogging I looked for “support” and joined the SITS Girls site which has grown to over 10,000 members. Wow! That did not just “happen” overnight; it was done with a lot of thought, time, planning and support from a group of fine ladies. Not only is Tiffany (the original sitsgirl) beautiful and smart but Francesca is a social media whiz, and Kat, if you don’t know her, you NEED to check out her site and watch her “plea” to meet Ellen; she is hysterical! Over the past year I have contributed to the SITS site by leading ProBloggers 31 days to build a better blog, and at the end of the month will be going “back to school” and leading Probloggers newest book with all the sista’s. (*hope you will join us!) There are so many inspiring women behind the sits girls that I have met. So where is my rambling going here? If you are a blogger and want to learn about social media you do not need to wait until next year to go to blogher12 the sitsgirls have taken their act on the road and formed “bloggy boot camp” which I had the pleasure of attending in Philadelphia last year. You can check Bloggy Boot Camp out. It is Blogging and Social Media in a day, one town at a time! I highly recommend it!

And now my check list:

• Clothes, lots and lots of “stylish clothes” *don’t want to look like I sit inside and work on my computer all day! LOL

• Shoes, lots of shoes, daytime shoes, night time shoes and then when everything “hurts” shoes those would be my flip flops… (shlumper shoes)

• Hair, nails, toes, done… check *gotta look as neat as the next lady!

• Laptop, because I have to “take notes” and learn learn learn!

• Cell phone because it does everything; photo’s, twitter, facebook, I have to keep up with everyone who isn’t here!

• Business Cards… check… thanks to Renee of @studiobold I went through a whole branding change for both of my sites and was “hoping” to have had both new sites up to “debut” at blogher but of course technical difficulties kept that from happening! Ahhh technology! But I will have biz cards with both new fab logos on them! And Renee is making sure my welcome pages on my facebook pages are up… check them out! healthy shelley and the DC Ladies and “like” me on them! PS Renee I am really hoping you get them changed today! LOL

• Paperwork; plane tickets, blogher tickets, hotel reservation.

• Chargers, phone, laptop, got to keep it all juiced up and moving.

• And last but not least a HUGE duffel bag for all of the swag my family is awaiting to see when I come home!

Wish me luck! Are you going to be there?