Month: July 2011

10 Zenful thoughts

zen in dictonary

photo credit: crdotx ….for starting out the second half of my life I had a wonderful birthday week and spent some time on the eastern shore reflecting and came up with this wonderful list of “zenful” thoughts… 1. Forgive-if you cannot forgive others for what they have done to you; at least forgive yourself for […]


The top 10 things I am going to write

to do list

photo bucket: Courtney Dirks I have been thinking a LOT lately about my “life.” I’m coming to a pretty big day in my life next week (birthday, and it’s a BIG one!) and it really has me thinking a lot about well “life.” As a child I heard and now fully understand and appreciate that […]


Dear friends and readers,

envelope with stamps

photo credit: Ceres B I wanted to write a letter here and let you know about some exciting things happening in my life and on my site. After leading ProBloggers 31 Days to a Better Blog twice since January I have been spending lots and lots of time working on my own content and reviewing […]