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Archives for July 2011

10 Zenful thoughts

zen in dictonary
photo credit: crdotx

….for starting out the second half of my life

I had a wonderful birthday week and spent some time on the eastern shore reflecting and came up with this wonderful list of “zenful” thoughts…

1. Forgive-if you cannot forgive others for what they have done to you; at least forgive yourself for not being able to forgive them. “Push it back” in the words of a friend’s wise mom.

2. Face your fear! However this is a tough one for me, I know that I will gain more by facing up to fear than I will be running away from it, or in my case “driving” away from it. Get back in the driver’s seat and drive…

3. New lists: Make a list of things that bring me joy and another of things that “drain me” to release the negative energy.

4. Live in the present-try very hard not to “write the book” and play things out that have not happened…yet.

5. Start with today to make a small change that will lead to big changes IE wellness/healthy living.

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise… need I say more?

7. Think about my lifestyle and thing of new things to add to detoxify my life not only what to let go of.

8. Giving-continue to be the giving person that I am by finding new ways and reasons, it is always better to “give” then receive is truly my motto!

9. Escape from time to time and learn to really “relax” and the art of doing nothing.

10. Stay strong… and keep on standing!

Do you have any “zenful thoughts?” Would love to have you join me with my “wellness makeover.”

50 Things to be thankful for on my very special birthday

happy birthday candles
photo credit: Will Clayton

I have spent a good deal of time this year reflecting on the first half of my life… I have learned not to take anything for granted through a lot of ups and downs and thought in honor of my birthday I might take a moment to come up with 50 things I am thankful for…

1. My family, first and foremost!
2. Being able to say “I changed the world a lil bit!”
3. My education-although at the time I really didn’t appreciate it, I wished I enjoyed my college years a bit more!
4. Twitter and all of my extended twitter buddies
5. My facebook friends and everyone who follows my “wellness makeover” You aren’t alone!!
6. Good Coffee and the smell of it!
7. My health
8. Fruit-no points!
9. The smiles of my daughters
10. My electricity especially when it works!
11. A good book
12. A good chic flick
13. A good cheesecake! Yum (I know countless points!)
14. My beautiful gardens
15. Everyone I have met though all of my social media circles over the past 2 ½ years.
16. Best friends who really care!
17. A good heartfelt conversation
18. A good secret
19. The Food Network for introducing me to Ellie Krieger, the Neely’s, Giada and of course Paula Deen!
20. That I have had the chance to experience the theater.
21. The change of seasons however I am really not liking winter so much anymore!
22. The sound of a good rain hitting my window while I’m snug as a bug…
23. Zumba
24. A long warm bath or shower
25. Watching the sunset over the ocean
26. My digital camera
27. A smile
28. A fond memory or two…
29. The smell of fresh cut grass
30. Color! As a designer it influences my life daily, the more the better!
31. My organization-ability or ADD LOL
32. My beautiful home
33. Imagination-god knows I have lots!
34. Compliments! Although I’m not the best at taking them, it is always nice to hear!
35. Dancing a good dance!
36. My therapist-yeah been there done that! Anxiety people!
37. Food Magazines
38. Kisses~
39. Lavender
40. Being able to use all four of my senses and hands and feet!
41. My hairdresser
42. My comfy jeans
43. Quiet time I have to reflect
44. The opportunity to spend time with people who I like
45. That I can “pick myself up and keep on standing!”
46. Life
47. Just being me!
48. Of course all of YOU who are reading this!
49. Today
50. Tomorrow, my big big bday! Happy birthday to me!

Join me in honor of my birthday and let’s see your list of what you are thankful for…

The top 10 things I am going to write

to do list
photo bucket: Courtney Dirks

I have been thinking a LOT lately about my “life.” I’m coming to a pretty big day in my life next week (birthday, and it’s a BIG one!) and it really has me thinking a lot about well “life.”

As a child I heard and now fully understand and appreciate that “this is it; there is NO dress rehearsal, you get one life and it is happening… NOW!”

Being that I am a pretty organized person, just ask my family, I make lists for everything, shopping, things we need when we go away, daily tasks, cleaning, I’ll admit it I’m a little organizationally ADD. However, it keeps me on my toes!

In thinking about my life I and what do I want for the next half it only seemed “natural” for me to make a list of; the top 10 things I am going to write:

1. 100 Things I’d like to do in my life: My bucket list of the places I want to go, local and far, and things I’d really like to do. I have heard about these, have friends who have had them and have checked things off already. It is time for me to sit down and come up with the top 100 things I’d like to do sometime in the rest of my life.

2. The 10 Best Days of my life: In looking back at my life I am sure I can come up with 10 Days that changed my life and made me who I am today.

3. The 10 Best Books that I read or Movies that I have seen: I have always loved a good book and a great movie. This is an opportunity to acknowledge that the arts and literature have had an effect upon my life and how.

4. 5 Special Friends that I have had: I always have loved the saying “People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime.” This is my chance to write about each and how they have made my life what it is today.

5. 10 People who most helped me in my life: Each of us meet people as we go through life, many of them help us or have an influence upon us. Sometimes we may not realize their influence at the time. Quite often we forget or do not get a chance to thank them. This list is an opportunity to acknowledge those people and to express my thanks.

6. 5 of the Best Recipes I ever made: This one will be fun as I have made some wonderful things over my last 25 years or so of cooking. But limiting it to 5 maybe a little tough.

7. The Top 10 things I am most proud about: Taking time to pat yourself on the back is important from time to time. This will be my top 5 things in my life thus far.

8. 10 things that gave me most pleasure: We all have things, things given to us as gifts, things we buy ourselves and things we find. Some of these things just come and go and are forgotten about but other things make an impression upon us for some reason, maybe their beauty, maybe their cost, maybe because of the circumstances in which they came into our possession. Here is a chance to identify the best things I ever had and why they gave me pleasure.

9. My top 10 favorite photographs: Now you have to know I love taking photos and have gotten my albums organized (surprised?) through 2003, OK, I’m a little behind there but I also have some scrapbooking to catch up on so they go hand in hand. In any event this should be fun!

10. The top 10 “little things” that I have loved in my life: Sometimes it is the little things that make a day bright, or a simple gesture that changed something.. This is my chance to remind myself of those things I have adored and why.

I’m going to make it a weekly challenge for the next 10 weeks to tackle this list. If you made a list like this what would you include? For any of my #sits31dbb ladies i’d love to see your next list post, join the linky below!

Dear friends and readers,

envelope with stamps
photo credit: Ceres B

I wanted to write a letter here and let you know about some exciting things happening in my life and on my site. After leading ProBloggers 31 Days to a Better Blog twice since January I have been spending lots and lots of time working on my own content and reviewing posts that I have written and “cleaning house” so to speak.

I have decided it is time to make the move from blogger to WordPress and have been working with a wonderful designer and programmer to bring “I’m Still Standing” into the next phase and working on my “branding.”

When I first began my blog almost two and a half years ago it was a place to share stories of how our family overcame adversity while raising two daughters, one of which has special needs. Over the past two years “I’m Still Standing” has evolved as my life took a turn last year with a “Wellness Makeover.” And now it is my hope that people will stop here if they are looking for motivation to change themselves or the world while realizing we are all ABLE!

I know my posts have been minimal, which you have to know I feel really guilty about, and I’m sorry, but I do hope you will be pleased with my “new doo” which will be revealed shortly. I have been writing and writing “behind the blog” and will have many new posts to share with you soon! Anyhow, I just thought you should know because I don’t want anyone to wonder, “Where has Shelley gone?” because I know it’s been a while… But here is to looking at a bright new future and following my dreams and hopefully helping you with yours!

Wishing good health to everyone,