Month: April 2011

A List is a List is a List…


photo credit: the italian voice Happy Thursday, you know what that means to me; “Hello to all of our ProBlogger 31dbbb participants!” and those of you who want to review the program in a more leisurely manner… Today we are going back… way back… to the beginning of the ProBlogger challenge and to Day 2: […]


Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly… and so does that child of mine…

little bird on branch at dusk

photo credit: greg westfall First smile.. First tears.. First word.. First cold.. First steps.. First friend.. First day of preschool.. Chickenpox.. First “A”.. First fight.. First kiss.. First dance.. First pageant.. First time driving… and first car.. Graduation from high school.. Bid Day=becoming sisters and the legacy lives on.. Graduation from college.. So many memories… […]


Top 10 Bloggy Secrets From Some Pretty Good Experts

finger to lips showing secret

photo credit: steven depolo For my friends who followed me as we went through the ProBlogger 31 days to build a better blog challenge; we know some days were more writing then reading. However I believe Day 6 was probably the most reading… I know it was practically impossible to read all of this in […]


The big bad dirty oven

My not so clean oven Yes, I have a self-cleaning oven… Well it would be one thing if I used the “self-clean” every once in a while but who has time for that? LOL Instead we use it and use it however when it came time for the Eco-Green Kitchen Cleaning Challenge to clean the […]


Key Pages through the looking glass

the looking glass

photo credit: lilivanili In reviewing everyone’s comments last week about which day’s they would like to review it was unanimous that most people would like to review; all! I sat and was a bit surprised, but then I thought about it and the time I spent working on the challenge and thought: “Ya know, I […]


Annie Leibovitz I’m not… but I’d like to be!

Ohh, a mere 27 years ago I graduated from college with a BS in Interior Design and a minor in Landscape Architecture, my goodness 27 years, where did the time go? OK, that is not the reason for this post… Photography is! I do enjoy photography, I loved taking it in college “back in the […]


Ahoy there Pirate Booty

photo credit: Pirate Brands Dear “Pirate Booty” Producers, I recently came across your little fluffy balls of rice or air or whatever they are and I just want to tell you I am in love! Thank you so much for creating a crunchy and sinfully delicious um do I dare say “nutritious” and guilt free […]