Month: January 2011

Who needs sleep? I have a blog to worry about!

sprout in dirt

Ideas… Ideas… Ideas… Yup that’s me the “idea” lady… Spend hours when I’m “supposed” to be sleeping thinking about ideas for my site… After my horror last week when I realized that somehow according to Google I suck! I want to sit down and work on my site… or in this case think about it […]


According to Google… I… um… “Suck!”

I am so upset… Can someone please pass me a cup of coffee? I can’t remember being this upset since I was in school and worried about a grade NOT that I ever got a grade like this one… Last week I realized that I had my Google Analytics entered in my HTML wrong. Well, […]


Cran-Cherry-Pomegranate Sauce

cran-cherry sauce

  I love cranberries! You know it’s “fall” when cranberries hit the produce stand. My family likes the good ole cranberry jelly in a can, and I used to like that too untillll I came up with my own concoction after being introduced to Pomegranate juice last spring by Rebecca my nutritionist. *So, just know […]

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The body bugg, does it sting?

body media bodybugg

photo credit: body media They call it the “body bugg” hmmm Last March I was “introduced” to this little critter that is known as “the body bugg” by Rebecca, my Nutritionist, when I started my Wellness Makeover. You might ask, what is this little bug? And what does it do?” Well, it is a small […]


life unexpected…

And so it happened again… no matter how hard I try… my happiness for one daughter gets caught up with sadness for my other… As a mom we watch our children change before our eyes. In the early years it is almost a miracle to watch the development of a newborn to a walking and […]