Dear Sarah,

Well I’m supposed to write a letter to you which reflects what you have meant to us over the last 21 almost 22 years in one page? Wow, that is going to be a little hard because what you have given us in your 21 years is sooo much more than a pages worth but here goes…

When I found out I was pregnant with you, I was overjoyed! As you know pregnancy and me just don’t get along and I am really hoping that I did not pass that on to you, but you know my mom had 6 kids and no problems so here’s hoping! Anyhow, my pregnancy was not easy; my OBGYN even called me the “girl with the little black rain cloud.”

It seems if it could happen during a pregnancy it happened to me to the point where I was hospitalized 3 months before your September 16th arrival date. I know you are saying September 16th is not my birthday but that was the day you were supposed to arrive, but being the “I must always be early” type of girl that you are. My blood pressure skyrocketed and my water broke on July 9th, 1988 and that was it, there was no turning back for us now. Your birth as you know was a bit scary and I was completely out but daddy was with you the whole time. When they pulled you out, you were a tiny little bundle of “pink.” But there was no sound. Well now we know that years later those vocals work real well! You were ventilated and resuscitated and rushed to the NICU. Daddy just stayed with you the whole time. Of course over the course of your life you have heard us tell you how the doctors told us you would be “deaf, blind, would never walk or talk on your own.” But you were beautiful! We were devastated, what was going to happen to our little Sarah. Obviously the doctors were very wrong about you and yup, that little omen was a prelude to your sisters’ life which has affected all of ours greatly, but this is about you not her! Lol

As a little girl you were always outgoing and caring reaching out to all of those who needed a friend. We were always so proud of you for this. You have always been a “little” more social then scholarly. Given a choice of doing your homework or watching TV with friends well that was an easy one, TV and friends always won out, although you did learn some funny lessons there, “remember everyone is beautiful, all you have to do is squint.”

Over the years we have watched you grow into a fine young lady. We have watched you develop and learn to understand your sisters’ disability which I know is a hard obstacle to get through, but you have done it with grace and poise, wanting to help change the world and teach others about discrimination against the disabled. It takes a lot to get up and put your money where your mouth is and I’m so proud that you have done that.

When it came time to apply to colleges daddy and I had a long talk about where you would finally end up going and we decided that decision was going to be yours, you always knew you could come back to our home state if you weren’t happy with your choice. Thank goodness you loved Alabama the moment you stepped on that campus, I could see an ease in you and next was “sorority life.” Would you follow in my footsteps and be and ADPi? I remember when you were going thru rush and your nightly calls about each house and your feelings about them. I guess I was hoping that you would end up an ADPi and I remember standing on the corner of bid day next to your dorm waiting and waiting for the parade of girls to go by and finally “see” what house you were in. And the “A’s” came by and finally Alpha Delta Pi, and there seemed to be a 100 girls and where was Sarah? I thought “oh no!” But low and behold, there she was one of the last one’s running with the group. There she was Sarah Caroline an Alpha Delta Pi pledge! And yup, I cried a little bit!

You have always been a ray of sunshine! Sometimes a little bossy! Sometimes a little loud! But always with grace and poise and a wonderful wonderful spirit and great heart! I’m proud to call you my daughter, and sister, We will love you always!

Mommy and Daddy

Last week I proudly sat at the Coleman Coliseum amongst 6000 or so proud parents at the University of Alabama awaiting the procession of our graduating seniors. Nineteen years of school! It is hard to believe, where did those 19 years go?

Just like it was yesterday

For those of you with small children enjoy it, take your time to “smell” the “roses” and the not so “rosey” moments for that is what makes up your picture book of “life.” What is your favorite memory of your children so far?

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