As small children we make friends just by chance, someone likes a toy we have, or a crayon we are using and we start chatting and boom we are best friends. As we grow our toys and crayons change to sports or other common interests and again our friend base changes, grades change, classes change and again we meet new friends, families move in and out of the neighborhood and again, new friends made.

As teens our friend base becomes somewhat more important to us and we take the values we have learned and teeter and totter with the good the bad and what our “friends” think the “right” thing to do would be… Sometimes we go with our friends and sometimes we don’t… As a teen we go through boys and girl relationships, and just about everything that is going on in our lives… We just cannot imagine these people not in our daily lives…

And then college comes, and again our friends change. We make new friends and hold onto a few special ones from our childhood. The process keeps going on and on each semester in college with new classes and new activities. Until finally you take “the walk” and enter into the adult world and again your friends change as you start a career and make friends with people who you see for 8-10 hours a day; work friends.

And then one day we meet that very special person that we cannot imagine living without, ever. And at that point a whole new world of friends come into our lives, the very special persons friends… And at some point there is a union of the two friends and they start their lives together and meet new friends, but this time together…

Then you have a child, and a whole new process happens, you make friends with those who you meet at a mommy and me class, and your children start their initial friend cycle as you continue on with yours.

I came across a saying a few weeks back which has stuck with me: “People come into your life for a reason… a season… or a lifetime…”

I like to think of myself as a caring friend, someone who always has an ear to help someone out; I’ve had friends male and female who at this point in our lives have had some pretty big things happen, divorce, death of a spouse, cancer, loss of a child, and of course other parents with special needs children. But I still stop to wonder sometimes when I have a friend who really frustrates me, as to “why?” What is the purpose of this?

Anyhow, that’s it… nothing earth shattering… just wondering and pondering about the “friendship thing.” How about you?

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