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February reminds us of “love”

February is a month that everyone generally thinks of as the month of “love” since Valentine’s Day is smack in the middle of the month. I think of it also as a month of love since Ainsley’s daughter’s birthday at the beginning of the month and she has brought soooo much love into our lives as well as children’s all over the country.

It is her birth that I reflect on each year with my usual tears and thinking about “what would have been, what could have been,” if she was a “normal” child, but then I go into what is a “normal child?” Is there such a thing today?

There are soo many things that can happen in the span of a child’s life today, physically they can be born fine and be bullied and have that affect their lives to the point where it causes them to have mental challenges. Peer pressure affects so many children’s lives today and most of the time for the worst, with new queen bee’s being born every minute. So the fact that my daughter has cerebral palsy she will never enter “that world.” For that I am thankful.

There are always two side of the coin and this time I’m trying hard just to think about the “love”…

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  1. KIt's been awhile since I visited you, Shelley. Nice to stop by and find such a lovely post about February and love. I'm a February baby too so your Ashley and I have something in common. Love is the answer– always. Keep up the good work:-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Ainsley. That reframing thing is something we all have to get good at. You seem to do it well. One of my daughters has had lots of health issues but none as difficult as what Ainsley deals with. Still, it has taught her what it feels like to be on the outside of things. As a result, she very much wants to work with children with special needs. It's interesting how the challenges we have shape our lives in ways we never knew they would.

  3. I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!!!