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A Sardine I am not!

Eww Eww Eww, what an awful morning I had on my Metro ride into DC today! I was so pleased with myself that I got out of the house by 7:45am and off to the Metro, dancing in my car to my morning tunes, got a great parking spot, put in my Metro ticket and got down to the very full platform and knew from that moment on the ride in was going to be an “experience.”

The Metro was stopped for half an hour because there was an ill patron on a train a few stops down, so ill that they had to evacuate the train and wait for medical attention. When the person was finally moved to a better location for them the Metro began to move again, slowly and mind you by this time there must have been over 1000 people waiting on the incoming trains.

As the first trained pulled into the station, it was packed! And it amazed me that people just tried to cram themselves into the already overstuffed cars. I guess the trains stopped to see if people were getting off rather than let new passengers on but nope not the way it went.

I finally got on the second fully packed train and was surrounded by people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, it was unbelievable and everyone just wanted the same thing; to get to work!

Young couples held onto each other for dear life, I was actually happy I didn’t see any older folks because they would have been s-o-l with the pushing and shoving that was going on.

I noticed that a lot of young ladies were sporting the “little black dress” today and most men didn’t seem to care too much about how their clothes matched or rather don’t.

I was a bit upset with myself that I was wearing my open sandals because I think my feet got stepped on at least 50 times! Uhh And being the 5’4” that I am I couldn’t hold onto the upper hand rails so I reached for the upright bars and prayed no one would break my arm at the angle I was able to grasp onto. There was a point where I thought if my feet weren’t on the ground I would just be suspended by the crowd around me. And then there was the point that my face was smack in between 2 men’s arm pits, not very pleasant. Actually rather smelly!

the metro platform filled way beyond what would be classified as “safe”

And then the train broke down… The doors wouldn’t close… So we all had to exit the train… with the hundreds of people who were already waiting on the platform to get on the train… You can imagine how “happy” I was at this point. Not! And I had to wait for 2 trains to pass before I got my chance to hop back on or rather get pushed back on…

And then it happened… I felt it… Someone put their hand on my butt, I couldn’t believe it I just wanted to scream and get off.

Three stops later I was out. Freedom, air, space… and then my morning began…

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  1. Eww! Just reading that I cringed and felt violated too! Yikes! At first it sounded so glamorous, getting on the metro, you city gal.

  2. Not the best start to the day!! You must have been ready to just turn around a go home again. Hope tomorrow is better :) Jen.

  3. have u ever seen the videos on youtube over in japan i think…the people who work for the trains litterally stuff as many ppl onbaord as they can like cramming them and pushing em with all thier might so the door will close…i shudder at the thought of being so close to that many ppl

  4. That sounds awful!

  5. Crystal says:

    Former east coaster myself (NYC). I know the Metro well and I also know the pitfalls (pun intended) of mens' underarms. I was once squeezed up against a guy who I thought was er, turned on? But he had a soda bottle in his front pocket. Public transit stinks.

    At least you looked foxy in your LBD! Hand on butt proves it. :)

  6. OMG. Ew. Sorry about the horrible experience you had!

  7. Wow. What a day!

  8. Geez…That sounds like a day that you wish you just had of stayed in bed!! Hope it got better!

  9. Talk about starting a day, a bad way. Sorry
    Glad you survived it!

  10. Ugh. I have personal space issues…I would've been forced to call a cab or something. You're brave!! Also…I've had the nonchalant grope happen to me before in a crowd on the terminal train at the airport. Some men are such pigs!

  11. nice to meet you! i look forward to reading your recipes! i'll be a new follower, hope you get the chance to follow back.


  12. Yuck! Unfortunately, I've experienced similar situations, but no grabbing of the rear!

    Am now a follower!

  13. oh wow, yuk! I got on the subway in Singapore, and it was like you described. I realized in a flash what claustrophobia must feel like- it was uncomfortable for sure. At least they didn't have official "cram-push-shove them in" workers to cram everyone in so the doors will close like in Japan- I would not have gotten on if they did!

    I can say that at least in Singapore, I didn't have my butt grabbed…ewww…!