I have been writing the story of my family’s journey for the past year and when I began this it was a way of putting some of my ideas together for a book that I plan on writing, to start my creative juices flowing. However, it has been a little tricky because I really didn’t mind using my own name however I didn’t want to expose my children’s real names but it has been a bit difficult and due to actually the “real” story I think it’s time to disclose who my family really is…

Yes, my name is Shelley and I am a mom to two wonderful and special daughters, and wife to an entrepreneur butttt there names really are Sarah (not Rebecca) and Hadley. (not Ainsley) Sarah being my oldest and Hadley being my sweet special needs child. And my daughters dad’s name is Kenny.

So why am I choosing to disclose this now? Well as I said, I would very much like to write a book and would love to have all of you who follow me at some point when that does come to fruition realize Oh that is Shelley and her family who I have read about for a few years now. It also makes a little more sense for those of you who follow my other sites, or my wellness makeover page, or my twitter where I use their real names.

My site is not about giveaways per say or coupons it is about our family’s journey with a special needs child and how through her disability so many children’s lives have been changed around the country and world.(Coming posts!)

So there you have it, my little white lie has come out and from now on you will know who the “real” players in my story are.

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