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Camp for Sista’s, I was so there!

For the past year and a half I have been writing this site and when I started I did what I usually do jump in with both feet. I quickly joined a few networking sites one of which was The Secret is in the Sauce or for short The Sits Girls. If any of you don’ know about the site you should hop over and meet some great women there. It is headed up by a fabulous and I must say “beautiful” woman named Tiffany.

Anyhow, last year Tiffany started hosting what she calls “Bloggy Boot Camps” all over the country. The first was in Vegas which I almost had my husband convinced to let me go to but we had just returned from Vegas sooo not such good timing. Then there was one in Baltimore however it was sold out in what seemed like minutes sooo in January I think it was when I saw that in September the Sits girls Bloggy Boot Camp would be hitting the Philadelphia area I jumped and quickly signed up to go.

Who did I know? No one! And yes I was a bit nervous but I figured these gals are people just like me with a “story” to tell, and well, how bad could it be… Come on how many times did I go to something where I didn’t know a soul? In my life hmmm many, so what the heck… I was excited because I wanted to learn more about Social Media and SEO and how to improve my sites. I had lots of questions in my head and was looking for lots of answers.

Tiffany is quite organized, well she has this down pretty good, I will mention in her “other life” she and her family run a camp, so this is second nature to her. Even before we got there she had started a twitter group for the Philly Boot Camp as well as just twittering out tweets with #Bloggybootcamp so one could connect with others. About a week before “camp” I used the hash tag a few times and saw tweets about “fashion” and “shoes” and what to pack and bring… I thought “O, crap I have nothing to wear” just like every woman does… But I packed and on Friday September 10th I was on Amtrak heading to Philly not knowing a soul looking for lots of answers.

I think I must have been the first one there, figures! I tweeted and a few hours later found out that a group was meeting down in the bar. Of course in the bar, give mom’s a few days out and woot woot it’s party time. LOL At first I seemed to be sitting amongst a group who already knew each other from the Baltimore Boot Camp and I did feel a bit like a kid who was at someone’s birthday party where they knew no one but that feeling quickly melted away as each new face came in asking “Is this Bloggy Boot Camp?” There were introductions and everyone asked what is your twitter handle or your site’s name since that is the way people here would “know” each other. And it was really great to put a face with “words” so to speak. Tiffany came around the table which grew from one table to about five quickly and introduced herself; of course everyone knew who she was from the site. And again after being part of the sits girls for a year and a half and diligently going to roll call every day I did feel like I was “home” in away. We all enjoyed a great dinner and all had lots and lots to chat about.

Saturday was “the main event” And as I said Tiffany has this down to science. She had several great speakers who inspired us, informed us and entertained us! We moved around the room after every few speakers so we really got to know a lot of the ladies who were there, O wait there was one man Ted who was in this vat of estrogen. I wonder if he felt out of place at all. Hmmm, nope don’t think so, he jumped in and chatted with everyone about his project and gave a great session too.

When the day was over I was pooped with a capital P! Of course both my computer and phone died while I was tweeting and taking notes so the good old handwritten notes now need to be looked over.

I noticed a group heading out to dinner and asked if they minded if I join in, and of course the answer was “of course you can come!” Little did I realize it was the Philly Social Media group, which is filled with a bunch of the nicest women! So if you are a Philly woman I would reach out to these girls!!

After dinner there was a little cocktail party which was lovely, and a wonderful way to wind down the day.

Me and “the beautiful” Tiffany, of course we are looking at 2 different cameras

I’m only sorry that I didn’t take as many pictures as I could have… That is my one regret! Especially after Laura, aka Lolli’s wonderful photography presentation! I need to practice my photography. She had some wonderful tips which I will be going back and reviewing!

On my way home I thought I better have my answers ready for my husband. I knew what his questions would be…. Was it worth it? What did you “learn?” And when do I have to worry about you wanting to “go” again!” LOL

My answers, Yes! It was so worth it! I learned so much that I invite you to come and join me the next time I hit up Bloggy Boot Camp, O Yes, I will be back, as I tweeted out to a few new “friends” this morning who I didn’t get a chance to say “good bye to” well, it’s not good bye it’s really just “ta ta for now!”

And PS fashion mehhhh everyone was “comfy!”

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  1. Great to meet you this weekend! Pooped with a capital P was a good way to describe it. 😉 I overslept this morning. Oops!

  2. I'm so glad you had fun! I think this sounds more my speed – BlogHer was quite overwhelming at times!

  3. It was so great meeting you this weekend – I'm glad you felt comfortable! I think that's the best part of Bloggy Boot Camps, that everyone is so nice and welcoming!

  4. I'm glad I met you this weekend! :) It was so much fun!

  5. I'm glad you got a little something out of my short class! And wouldn't you know it–I didn't take many pictures. :(

  6. Glad to have met you and hope we'll see each other at another event!

    I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked either. Next time I'm bringing the SLR!

  7. it *DID* kinda feel like a great big birthday party, didn't it?!

    Loved meeting you. Hope to meet up again!

  8. It was a wonderful time. I'm glad that you joined us for dinner. Thanks for shouting out the Philadelphia Social Media Moms. So kind of you.

  9. It was a great conference, wasn't it? So glad you came up to Philly! Here's the Philly group you had dinner with: (I had to leave for a family party. So bummed I missed a geat time.)
    Great to meet you–and sit next to you!

  10. Good thing you happened to ask about dinner. I'm so glad you joined us. I had a great time chatting.

  11. I am so glad you had a fun time : ) I live outside the city and wish I could have come to meet wonderful girls just like you : )

    PS Your blog is VERY pretty! LOVE it. All crisp and gorgeous. Nice!

  12. It was great meeting you last weekend, and I enjoyed all the healthy living talk…thanks for coming to dinner with us! I hope to see you again at some blogging events. Good Luck with your healthy living mission :)

  13. It was so great meeting you!!! Dinner was fab…I had no idea they had such amazing food. I assumed it would be diner food….lol. Sorry I had to leave right after dinner. It would have been great to head to the cocktail party with my Philly gals and new friends. Glad you had fun :)

  14. It was great to meet you! I was exhausted too! Think it took me a full day to recover.

    Thanks for coming along to dinner with us. Such a fun time.

  15. I am dying of laughter right now that we were looking at two different cameras. Hilarious.

    I loved meeting you- thank you so much for coming!!!

  16. Yay!! I am going to the BBC in Austin, Texas next month. It was kind of a last minute decision to go and I'm so glad it was able to be worked out. I am really looking forward to it, especially after reading this post! Thanks for sharing. :)