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I went from a “B” to a “D” and no boob job required?

Breast-Sizesphoto credit: dimension guide dot com

I did a quick run to the mall to pick up some “much needed” makeup for my daughter at her request since we are going to visit her for her last parents weekend for her sorority (and mine too) before she graduates college. A topic for another time, none the less, I did my “dutiful” mom thing and went to pick up her bronzer, why she needs bronzer when she is already tan I don’t understand but again none the less… blah blah blah I went to Nordstrom to pick it up, I won’t even go into the fact that she also had concealer on her “needed list”… Come on she’s only 21 what is she needing to conceal? But again another topic lol

So I had a few award certificates “saved” up. You need to know I save these and hoard them for something “big” and then I go and get something I wouldn’t usually buy myself… but today I just kept thinking about my bras… I really need some new bras. Now mind you as much as I like to feel “feminine” I just don’t run out and buy lacey, frilly bras and panties, maybe it has something to do with the fact that my weight has gone up and up and up and well I just haven’t felt “pretty.” You know what I mean. But I know it’s time to “retire” some of my bras as the straps keep falling and are stretched out…

So I walked over to the lingerie dept and thought I’d take a look. Ahhhh I long to be slim and trim so I actually don’t freak out when I look in the mirror in anything none the less my skimmies.. Nordstrom’s has such a beautiful selection and of course being spring the bridal lingerie is out, I love white, white and lacey, so clean and fresh looking.

As I was strolling along I started seriously looking for a new bra. Hmm, so many choices as I picked one up I heard a voice over my shoulder, “Can I help you?” I responded with my embarrassed “No thank you” and then the woman just stood there and looked at me holding the bra in my hand and asked me again, “Can I help find your size?” I looked down at the bra as if the size was in neon flashing and she was shaking her head at me saying “wrong size lady.” I again thanked her and said “No, I am fine.” Can you image, I’m in my late 40’s don’t you think after all of these years wearing a bra that I would know my size, for Pete sake! And then she continued… “Well, what size do you think you are?” Think I am? Think I am? Come on now this was bordering on harassment. And I thought OK I’m just going to tell her because she obviously isn’t letting this go, so I showed her the size on the tag, and she just smiled and shook her head and said “Oh no, you are not a B you are definitely a D!” I almost laughed in her face! A “D” come on I thought to myself no that is for women like Heidi Montage or Pamela Anderson who have had themselves enlarged. I’m just your typical middle aged mom and I know my bra size!

She then asked me kindly to just try the D on; I said OK, what did I have to lose? I mean I had the others in my hand why not one more. So I tried on my B and she politely knocked on the door as I had myself shoved in the bra with the little “overflow” I hate around my back showing and she asked if I would like her to “measure” me. Meh, at this point why not…I’m sure I’m not the first woman you have helped today and I’m sure I’m not the last. So she pulled out her tape measure smiled and said, “Yes, you are a D.”

She went on to show me how a bra is “supposed” to fit. My goodness after wearing a bra for O I don’t know 30 some years I have never been fitted properly and never knew how to wear a bra. Wow! It was actually an eye opening experience. I laughed so hard as I changing back into my old bra and clothes and listened to other women in the dressing rooms being helped just like me and all in amazement just as I was they were ALL wearing the wrong size bra!

I told her as I paid for my purchases with my awards that I was going to bring my daughters in next because god knows they have never been measured and you know I think it is nice to know your “correct” size don’t you?

So tell me have you ever been measured? Go and get it done you might be surprised; I know my husband sure is going to be…

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  1. I went from a B to a C last year for the same reasons. I bet the girls are much happier now.

  2. Apparently this happens a lot, I have measured myself though, found a 'how to' guide. I probably should take 'the plunge' (sorry, couldn't resist!!). Jen.

  3. This is a great post!

  4. The Fat Nutrition Writer says:

    I am so glad you got fitted for a bra! It is such an important thing that so many women don't do! Alot of women who have neck, shoulder and upper back pain and tension actually have it just because they're wearing the wrong-sized bra! I am now following you from MBC – you were one of the first people to drop by and say hello when I joined! Visit me if you haven't already at

  5. I read once that you should get fitted at least once a year for a new bra since "the girls" do change over time.

  6. i WAS and still AM a member of the IBTC. i'm a whopping B. oh well. can't have everything, right? thank goodness for padded bras!!

  7. LOL, yes I was measured at Victoria's Secret a few years back and just like you, discovered that I had been wearing the wrong size. I probably should have it done again because that was back when I only had two kids. I'm sure the "girls" have changed after having two more kiddos! LOL.

  8. Yes I did the same, when I found a proper fit.

  9. I went on a bra shopping trip with a group of friends – we got proper sizing, group discount and even wine and cheese! We all came out with bigger boobies. I went from a 34B to a 32DD. My hubs said, "Ahhh, you were always a DD to me!" Two women came out FF and MM – we have since started calling them Fifi and Mimi! I think about 8-10 of us went and ALL of us came out with bigger cup sizes than we went in with. Now that I understand how it works, I do a pretty good job at getting the right bra, but I am probably due for an update fitting. Nordstrom's lingeri department ROCKS!

  10. Shelley… it was nice to meet you also! Congrats…on the "upgrade!" Even if it was only a sizing issue… at least it was in the right direction!

  11. Congrats on your wellness journey, and I am glad that I can be a little part of it. I hope my blog inspires you and gives you tons of good ideas on how to live your best life!
    Nice to meet you too!

  12. I went from a D to a DD when I got measured. It's embarrassing to a point, but man does it make a difference in comfort, support and wear on the bra. It's worth it. Trouble is, sometimes it's hard to find even dept. stores doing this anymore. Best to call and ask ahead….

  13. Thanks for popping into my blog last week – its good to hear from you again! Pop over to Creative Bloggers when you get a chance :)

    Being fitted for a bra was drilled into me as a child so I reguarly get it done. Oh and you think B to D is bad. Try B to DD!!!!

  14. LOL This is a great post! Maybe there is hope for my little barely B's yet!

  15. I SO need to get fitted! I'm kinda scared tho! =)

  16. I think I may need to get measured for a bra, but I have a feeling my A's are still going to be A's. :o( Lol…oh well!

    I have given you a blog award, you can see it here:

  17. I will for sure have to check this out. My Boobs are in need of a lift! LOL.
    I love your blog its great. I hope that you will follow me and check out my blog. Thanks for finding me on Mom bloggers club.

  18. I took my teen (who is very small-framed, so will eventually need a reduction) in to Victoria's Secret a couple of months ago for a fitting. She had been wearing both the wrong cup AND the wrong size! There was a decent sale going on, so she walked out with two new, well-fitted bras. I explained to her how important it was to buy good bras, especially when you need coverage and support. Boy, she is happy happy about how much better her girls look and her back feels!

  19. Good for you! I was measured years ago, before I had kids. Now two breastfed-for-one-year-each children, I'm a little nervous to go for the measure. I seem to have lost what used to be some decent cleavage. Yikes!

  20. Great post! I too was shocked when I got measured for the first time LOL. Too bad it's so hard finding my size here :(

    Happy SITS Tuesday!

  21. Love the post. I read somewhere that most of us are wearing the wrong size bra. Maybe someday I will get measured and see how far off I am.

    Stopped in from MBC and am following you now.

  22. I was just talking to my coworker/friends about this – my one friend told me that they thought i needed better bras. I love how honest she is. We decided to go take a trip to Nordstroms and get it done.

    Steph H

  23. Stopping by from SITS!

    Your girls will THANK YOU for going to Nordstrom and getting properly fitted! Did you ever see the Oprah 'bra' episode?! It's a MUST WATCH. I've gone from a C to a DD and back to a D, all without the aid of having kids.

  24. Stopping by from SITS. You are right on about bra fitting. Still loving your new bras?

    Every woman I've spoken with about bra size who has actually gotten a fitting was wearing too small a cup size. Like everything else, seems we want to shy away from a bigger number (or letter, in this case).

  25. Hilarious! You've been squeezed in to a bra two sizes too small all these years. I bet your breasts are enjoying the freedom now!

  26. I was in "D denial" for a long time too, but I finally realized I just had to own it!

    Thanks for your comment om Mommy Bloggers, I will be following you!

  27. yes it can be pretty shocking to find out your real size. but so worth it :) here from the comment hour… and I used to work in that department!

  28. I had the same experience about two months ago!

  29. I don't think my outcome would be like yours…Mine would go more like from a "B" to a an "A" if I were fit properly I bet! Haha! Stopping by from the @SITS #CommentHour!

  30. I can't believe how much my life changed after getting a proper bra fitting!

  31. LOVE IT!

    Amazing the power of good underwear, isn't it!

  32. i went from a b to a d when I was pregnant and breastfeeding last year. But now, its back to a C. I think!

  33. You'vwe inspired me to try bra shopping again! #commenthour AND to pay your blog a regular visit! love it!

  34. I went from a B to DD, so I feel ya, girl {here from comment hour}

  35. I think most of us are wearing the wrong size. At least at some point. I guess I need to go get measured again!

  36. Here for comment hour! I've never been properly fitted and often wonder what they would tell me…

  37. I plan to get measured soon! Just started nursing and I underestimated the size the girls would become…

  38. Nice work! That makes me wonder if I should get fitted for a bra…I may have been doing it wrong all these year, too!

  39. Here from Comment Hour. Congrats for finding out you're a bombshell! Would love to be a D, but unfortunately, I'm only a C!

  40. Someone told me once that you were actually supposed to chuck your bras every six months. Whatev to that. I'd go broke if I bought a whole new line of bras every six months. I remember going to Victoria's Secret with my cousin a couple years ago to do underwear shopping, and I wanted to buy all these sexy, skimpy looking panties that just rode up my butt and got wasted because I ended up never wanting to wear them. Go for comfy. 😉

  41. Oh my gosh, aren't bra measurements the strangest?? I'm most shocked by how often they change. I kind of figured I was done "growing" in college! It really does change how you look in your clothes, though. Good for you for going with it! And hey, way to be upgraded 😉

    Stopping in from SITS a little late.

  42. Now I'm curious! I usually waver between A and B…hmmm.

  43. I have been wanting to get sized for months (ok years). You may just have inspired me to finally do it!

  44. I have heard about this craziness, but have never done it. I think after your story it is a must have! Nordstroms here I come!!!

  45. I agree… more women wear the wrong sized bra than they know! I am so glad you got measured.

    Visiting from the SITS Tweet Party #CommentHour!


  46. I really need to go in for a fitting. There'a a nice shop near me that has very expensive lingerie and you have to set up an appointment for a fitting. I keep meaning to…

  47. A proper sizing is essential! But when i got pregnant i wen t from hardly a "b" to a "dd" and about pooped myself

  48. This has happened to me before, too!! Once, they tried to tell me I was a D but I guess the bra I had on had a lot of padding because that was way off! lol
    Stopping by from SITS… catching up from tonight!

  49. I am a breast cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy with implant reconstruction…three times. My last plastic surgeon asked me what size I wanted to be. I was clueless. She told me to flip through a fashion magazine. I did and she ripped the page out and taped it on the operating room walls. I wanted to be a B.

    But my B's aren't like real breasts and when I go to buy a bra (I don't really need one, but it makes me feel normal, my breasts don't fill out a B cup. I quit worrying though, With all of the Wonder Bra and Spanx bras out there, my bras can stand on their own and I can be the bustier B I want.