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My trainer Ryan has been so patient with me! I’m not sure what he makes of this do I dare say it “middle aged” mom who wants a “wellness makeover.” I have worked out with him for just over a week now and he is really trying… He has his little book that he writes down every exercise and the number of repetitions that he “asks” me to do. I usually oblige with a little smile, usually gritting my teeth but knowing that no matter what he is doing this to help me start my journey.

Seriously, I give him props! Taking on someone who really is NOT in any shape, well, wait I take that back, I am in a shape; round… He is the nicest and very caring young man. Knowing that I have high blood pressure he has structured a program with this in mind. But he is a trainer and his job is to get my butt moving towards “wellness” as much as the nutritional component of my program is.

I have committed myself to training with Ryan 3 days a week and doing cardio another 2-3 and to be honest, I feel great when I’m done but I’m just not a “gym girl!” When I first got married after work I would go to what I will call a “deb aerobics studio.” Where the whole front of the “studio” was a “fashionista bevy of the best and most expensive work out clothes” Why not wear it everyone else there was. So we all looked so “pretty” sweating and jumping around.

But the Aerobics studio is a far cry from the gym and hopping around the studio to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” is much different than attempting to balance and pick up weights and jump over the bosu ball. Does anyone other than my husband really like that thing? A half ball that I practically kill myself on each week, I pray I don’t fall and break my neck.

I keep moving on thinking this is a “life change” you need to get off your butt and exercise on a daily basis. OK, I might not want to lift weights forever maybe I’ll take up some type of dancing but I know, I know, that this is forever, I keep telling myself that but for now it’s one day at a time…

How are all of you doing exercising? What do you do?

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