Well, it’s been a solid two and a half weeks now since my “Wellness Makeover” kicked off and I’ve been pretty successful. I hate to write down how many pounds I’ve lost because that is sooo not what this whole process is about. Plus I am having a “little” inner self struggle with the fact that I only wished I had started this journey last summer. But that is me “beating myself up.”

Last week when I spoke to Rebecca on our check in phone call, she asked how everything is going and I told her that I only lost a measly ½ pound that week. I think she wanted to jump through the phone and strangle me. Seriously, she was pretty upset with me not for the ½ weight loss but for my “attitude” towards the whole thing.

I guess I am still having “dieter’s remorse.” After being a chronic dieter for so many years I am sooo married to the scale and the number it reads, and it is hard not to focus on that because we all know at what “number” or around what “number” we look good in clothes and out of them. If you have ever been a “dieter” you know what I’m talking about. And I was also focusing on the fact that “if” I had started my wellness make over last summer the “number” I started out with would have been 15 lbs lower and therefore would take me a shorter time to reach my ideal weight where I will live “healthy ever after.” Butt, then I think, well, I could have waited a few months longer and then started at a much higher number too, if I kept on gaining weight.

The other day on the way to the TV studio Rebecca shared the following famous quote… “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” That is exactly what I need to concentrate on the “journey” and this moment in time “Right here Right now.” This is where I am starting and I am moving forward towards a healthy attitude about my “wellness” as much as my nutrition and exercise.

I laughed in the car when Rebecca gave me an A for both nutrition and exercise but an F for well being. An “F” yup, that’s right you know failing grade! Uh, and one thing I know is I am my worst critic! Unfortunately again that falls under what we shall call “unfinished business,” which Rebecca and I have also spoken about. One really needs to get as clear a mind about one’s self image as possible to move forward with a “healthy lifestyle.”

A healthy lifestyle change is about the long term but I need to not beat myself up over the past and concentrate and move forward in the present one step at a time…

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