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10 honest things about myself

1. I can be a very determined person if I really want something.
2. I’m a bit bossy, but that’s because I’m always right lol
3. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive; the organization of the frames in my house will show that!
4. I am tired of Jon & Kate. Enough said!
5. I’m compassionate to a fault.
6. I desperately want to write a book based on our family that will be turned into a movie; Inspiration people! Not sure who I’d like to play me. “Any ideas? lol
7. I am dying to go to Italy!
8. I would love to have enough money to take care of my daughter for life and then I would love to start a foundation to help others.
9. I need sleep, seriously if I don’t get enough sleep I am a tad bit crabby.
10. I am my biggest critic! Working on that one! lol

We have a winner from my last giveaway a beautiful tassel from Megity’s Handmade, and the winner is Elana!

This week we have another great giveaway in honor of my blog-a-versary and it comes from another great Etsy vendor who I have gotten several items from. Jen from My Tree House Treasures has generously donated a very cute The Laundry Room Loads Of Fun Vinyl Wall Lettering.

If you have never done vinyl lettering on your walls it is a lot of fun and not hard at all, you just need a little patience and the results is magnificent, people can not get over the vinyl I have done! And this one is just too cute for the laundry room!

How to enter my next blog-a-versay giveaway from Jen:

1 entry– Tell me one secret about yourself, something honest now.

1 entry– Follow this blog, if you are already a follower leave a message as to what you enjoy about “I’m Still Standing.”

1 entry-Stop over Jen’s website or her etsy store and leave her a comment that you popped over from “I’m Still Standing.”

1 entry-Become a follower at my secondary blog

1 entry– Join my Wellness Makeover Fan Page

1 entry– Grab I’m still standing button.

1 entryFollow me on Twitter and leave a comment that you are following on twitter.

1 entry-Tweet about this giveaway. Up to once a day! and leave a separate comment here with the twitter link.

1 entry-Subscribe to my feeds

1 entry– Favor my blog on Technorati

1 entry– Blog about this giveaway and include a link back to this contest

1 entry– Post on Facebook:, leave a separate comment here that you posted this on Facebook

Contest Rules:

• Contest ends Monday May 10, 2010 at 11pm Eastern Standard Time.

• Winner MUST either have their e-mail address on their profile, or leave their e-mail address with their comment.

• I will announce the winner of the giveaway on May 11, 2010 on this blog as well as through e-mail to the winner. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours, I will randomly choose a new winner.

*please note all giveaways have been donated by the third parties and I am not responsible or cannot be held liable for any actions associated from them.

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  1. I think I can hold my hands up to quite a few of your 'honest' list! Jen.

  2. Definitely #4 for me as well!!

    It's funny that you ask who should play you in a movie because every time I come to your blog and see your picture at the top, you always remind me of Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson, on SVU) Especially the middle picture. I bet you get told that a lot huh?!
    I think she would be perfect!!

  3. Don't tell anyone but I secretly wish I was not an organize nut, I would love to just come in and throw things down and not worry about it.

  4. Already joined your Wellness Makeover Fan Page.

  5. I follow I'm Still Standing – I love your honesty!!

  6. I follow Confessions of the Playground Princess.

  7. We have a few things in common! LOL

  8. I plead guilty to about 9 out of 10 of those!

  9. Love your honesty! I need my sleep too..

    Love to you
    Amazing Salvation

  10. I love the honesty and the give away!

  11. I left you an award HERE!

  12. I'm a follower of this blog! Love it! Love the honesty!

  13. Secret about me?
    Hmm I have what I call a psychological allergy to bananas! The smell of them makes me literally physically ill. Ugh! Don't allow them in my house, car or when I was working–near my office! lol.

    Retrogirl66 at Gmai dot com

  14. Am a twitter follower Retrogirl66