Over the last few months I have been making “healthy choices” choosing to eat just about everything but in moderation. Obviously not chowing down on chips and cookies but rather eating those things that we ate at the beginning of time to “sustain life.” You know fruits, veggies, and grains, and leaving out processed foods.

I have stopped many times to think about the several hundred times that I went on a “diet.” And pondered as to why they never worked… Why did I never “keep” it “up” so to speak? The answer is simple because I never “learned” to eat properly!

Let’s see if there has been a diet I have been on it… I have:

• Counted points
• Drank only liquid shakes for 3 months now that was real healthy! NOT!
• Ate prepacked foods… which I don’t care what anyone celebrity or not says is “awful” food period!
• Did the “big gulp” diet coke diet-that’s where all you drink is diet coke all day and eat a salad for dinner (how stupid is that?)
• Ate high protein and used lots of cream in my coffee-can you say “cholesterol?”
• Drank the popular store bought shake diet, which should be dubbed the migraine and diarrhea diet…
• And went back to the counting points people a few more times… where they actually teach you that “hunger” is a bad thing!

I never realized how important it was to respect your bodies craving for food and understood the meaning behind being “hungry.” It wasn’t until Rebecca came into my life in March and she kept trying to drill the “Are you hungry?” into my head…

How many of you actually eat when you are hungry? And not with the clock, because it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time but when you are hungry. This really is hard. I know I have been trying to track it. But I have found those days after I have a tough Zumba class or extra hard work out, I feel a bit of “hunger” in the day. It’s like an “ah ha” moment. And now I really respect those times. First I jump for joy and then I go and eat a snack something with protein and carbs usually an apple and almond butter, or cottage cheese and fruit, even jelly.

I have spent the last few months trying to really do things for myself and trying to “unload” excess baggage so to speak so that I can concentrate on keeping myself well which was always a small problem of mine; I’ve said it before, I’m an emotional eater. So I have been trying to distress other ways then through my mouth… The stress in my life has not gone away, I will always be a special needs mom and with that comes A LOT of stress and worrying. But I have learned to take the “eating” out of worrying, the chips, or whatever is not going to change my daughters’ disability it will only keep me unhealthy and possibly shorten my life, so no more to that!

I know how easy it is to get “sucked” into the billion dollar diet industry! Trust me I have been there so many times over the last 20+ years I shudder to think about how much money I have wasted. But it is a very hard concept to learn “hunger.” Especially if you have “done” all of the diets that I have. But this is my small plea for all of you out there, Stop! Stop looking for the “easy fix” because it isn’t an easy fix it is just temporary. Believe me this I am pretty sure I can say I’m an “expert” on because of my history. It is very rare to meet someone who has done one of these “diets” and kept their weight at a healthy weight without changing their eating habits.

Who is with me? How many “diets” have you been on?

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