Month: May 2010

I had a “moment”


  I was fortunate the other day to get an hour to run out of the house and get my nails done; I promised myself during my “wellness makeover” that once a week I would do “something” for “myself” and this week it was the nails, which I might tell you were broken and looking […]


some of my favorite things

When I was just about to hit my “blog-a-versary” date I sent out a tweet asking friends what they think a fun “giveaway” would be to honor my year. And one of my bloggy buddies immediately wrote back and said “why not your favorite things?” So that was it… and just so you know 5 […]


Just like it was yesterday

Dear Sarah, Well I’m supposed to write a letter to you which reflects what you have meant to us over the last 21 almost 22 years in one page? Wow, that is going to be a little hard because what you have given us in your 21 years is sooo much more than a pages […]


She did it again!

As many of you know by now I began this venture into bloggyland as a way of starting my creative juices moving and flowing as the imputes to writing a book, which yes, I have finally put my fingers to the keyboard to start my outline. Yay! And in the past year as I have […]


10 honest things about myself

1. I can be a very determined person if I really want something.2. I’m a bit bossy, but that’s because I’m always right lol3. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive; the organization of the frames in my house will show that!4. I am tired of Jon & Kate. Enough said!5. I’m compassionate to a fault.6. I […]