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Archives for January 2010

Our vacation that went from Magic to Tragic…

Well we “attempted” to have a nice family vacation for what I believe might be the last time since Rebecca will be graduating from college in May. But noooo I think sometimes that is toooo much to ask for in “my life.”

We have gone to Disney to celebrate the holidays for the last ummm five years, we have had some really good laughs and times during these weeks, we’ve also had a few bad experiences with Disney during these weeks but somehow as the “last family fling” Rebecca and I thought it fitting that we return to the most “magical place on earth.”

Things were fine the first day or two the usual craziness of what to go on, what to run and get fast passes for, what Ainsley would enjoy, and a well needed haircut for Geoffrey, but when the third day hit that was “it.” That was the day our Disney vacation went from Magic to Tragic!

There were some problems back at work and Geoffrey spent the rest of the vacation on park benches talking on the phone. This hurt me a lot! I felt sooo bad for Geoffrey but at the same time I felt bad for our little family! All I kept thinking as I looked at my two girls was this is probably going to be the last time we all have a chance to go away together… And then the “next chapter” began to tear me up. Graduation for Rebecca and moving on with her “life.” I guess I have been putting off thinking about this for soooo long that it kind of smacked me in the face as I looked at her. I can remember when I was 21 and graduating from college, I knew that Geoffrey and I were going to get married so I was staying right where I was, looked for a job and defiantly was not moving back home. I was starting “my life” as an adult. And although times have changed sooo much and with the state of the economy I know it is much different I know that Rebecca most likely will be coming “home” for a year or so, but after that she will be “gone.” Gone from our house, no more, loud music, no more cell phone ringing all hours day and night, no more worrying about late nights, or no more time with the two of us sitting and chatting about life on the couch. Those days are quickly coming to an end. She will be going into the world as an adult and leaving my memories of my little daughter behind.

So as I sat on the many many benches at Disney this is what kept going thru my mind. She’s a good girl, (young lady) she knows right from wrong and now it’s her turn, and I just pray that she will be safe and have a good life. Well, we have 4 more months until graduation I guess I better keep a large stock of Kleenex between now and then!

My Top 10 Posts of 2009

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I cannot believe just how fast 2010 came upon us! I can remember the weather just changing and the sweet smell of cut grass for the first time thinking I hope this summer isn’t over in a flash so fall quickly jumps on us with the beginning of the school year because Halloween rides on that time’s coat tails and then the holidays; boom! And of course that is what happened.

I jumped in and joined the “wide world of blogging” in April of 2009 and have met some wonderful people who I now call great friends. I speak to them on twitter just about daily and retweet lots and lots of posts.

I started a second blog shortly after my first to write about my adventure in starting a nonprofit organization to create the first fully inclusive playground in the state of Maryland followed by helping several other organizations build them around the DC Area and Country. I also use this blog to write about everything relating to children from fun activities to children’s recipes.

Through the world of blogging I learned about Etsy and immediately feel “in love” with the home crafted world so much that I started a third blog for which I opened an Etsy store. I would love for you to stop by any time. I make what I call “untraditional topiaries” which can be used in homes, offices, weddings, mitzvah’s or any type of social function.

Over the summer months my daughter and I talked about starting a “blog-zine” for the women of DC written by women of DC which we premiered in November 2009; The DC Ladies. We write about many things that affect women’s lives on a daily basis. We’d love for you to stop by and share a cup of java while checking out the site.

I have loved writing over the past year and am using this time to gather my thoughts to write about our life as a family and how we overcame the adversity of our younger daughter’s disability. Would love to someday see it on the big screen!

These are what I think were my favorite posts of the year:

1. Ten Things being the mother of a special needs child has taught me.

2. This Little Hand

3. Proms, Princess and Promises

4. It was a moment… but a life altering moment.

5. Ten Reasons why my husband is a wonderful dad.

6. 24 years of marriage the good the bad and the ugly.

7. You’ve come a long way baby!

8. “S” is for Special and Shoes

9. And when you get a chance to sit out or dance I hope you dance.

10. Bullying has gone “out of this world.”

*my extra little smile: Thanks and Giving

I have quest written for a few other bloggy friends and would love to write a post for anyone about special needs families, Disney, Design or just “life.” I love hearing from everyone and getting comments.

Please feel free to drop me a line anytime or on twitter.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!