My name is Shelley. I am the oldest of six children, therefore I suppose that is why I am maternal and bossy and I tend to be a leader and a bit of a control freak. If asked to describe myself I would say that I am caring, loving and trusting to a fault (which I am working on) and a little bit pig-headed.

It is my hope that this blog will give me a creative outlet for all of the stored up stories I have been carrying around with me over the past years. I do hope that it will inspire others who are in similar situations.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County. In the middle of my senior year of high school my parents thought it would be fine to move me, and not worry at what cost it was to me, to Connecticut. I left Connecticut seven months later to attend college in Maryland where I met my husband and I have remained for the past thirty plus years.

My children mean the world to me! At times they can be frustrating and challenging. Both are beautiful and sweet girls and have brought so much meaning to my life.

There was a time as I was writing that I was using nom de plumes so I suppose this would be the place where I feel I should tell you that my daughter’s names are not really Rebeka and Ainsley, and their dad isn’t really Geoffrey but I am really Shelley. My girls are Sarah and Hadley and their dad, Kenny.

In my “spare time” I love to cook and travel with Hadley.

I welcome your comments and look forward to getting your emails. I do hope that I can help others who “wear my shoes” so to speak. I do look at this blog as a friendly site and I will not allow “haters” who I hope and pray stay away as that is not my aim here.

Update! In April of 2010 I wrote a post titled “It’s time to come clean” disclosing the fact that I was not using our real names.

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