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10 reasons to celebrate my husband’s 48 years of life

1. Because he is the most compassionate person I know, he has spent his live opening his heart to help those that are less fortunate them him.

2. Because he is one of the most funny guys in the world, I only wish sometime I knew how to get him an audition for Saturday Night Live! He belongs on that show big time!

3. Because he has spent more money than god on keeping the girls of his family happy!

4. Because he is a wonderful father to our daughters…

5. Because he is such a wonderful employer, he created and saved sooo many jobs for sooo many people that other people would have fired a LONG time ago, even though they never knew it…

6. Because he is so humble!

7. Because even though he doesn’t recognize it, he is one of the strongest people I know…

8. Because no matter what hair brained idea I have come up with, and believe me there have been a lot, he has ALWAYS supported me!

9. Because I know he is one of the most devoted son’s a parent could wish for.

10. Because it’s his birthday and we love him very much!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! You got a keeper :o)

  2. Oh I have to call him! Happy Birthday to the best boss EVER!!!


  3. Happy bday to that fabulous hubs of yours!

  4. This is adorable… What a great post! Happy Birthday to your Hubby! 😉

  5. Great post. I'd say you really like this guy!

  6. What a sweet tribute!

    Thanks for the welcome on Mom Bloggers – I only wish I had time to do more networking. I appreciate you reaching out!

  7. Hi Shelley, thanks for the visit and comment…

    Oh so sweet, you're so loving and caring. Your hubby reminds me of an actor of the show that we love to watch…

    love your header by the way..

  8. What a beautiful tribute!

  9. awww WOW what a wonderful post about your hubby he sounds wonderful!

  10. Shelley, what a sweet and heartfelt message to your husband.

  11. thank you everyone for your sweet messages!