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The right prescription for your your pets and you.

Happy Monday morning! I know a lot of you have pets big and small and I would like to introduce you to Center Pet Pharmacy. www.centerpetpharmacy.comThe pharmacy is a real “bricks and mortar” pharmacy that has been in business for almost 50 years. (Hard to believe there is still a little guy in this day and age with the big guys coming and taking over each town!) This store is much like the loved TV show “Cheers” where everyone knows your name! It is great to have a place where the people actually care about people and pets; and NOT merely a number but a respected customer!The company is run by Kenny who many of you will know as the inventor of FLAVORx, the behind-the-counter flavored medicine for children available at pharmacies all over the country (how many of you have used flavorings developed by Kenny to help your kids or animals? I know I have countless times!)Kenny and everyone at Center Pet Pharmacy is dedicated to providing high quality medication custom-made in a form your pets will love. They can custom make anything the way you would like it, the way that it is easiest to give to your pet. It comes quick, they have great prices and experienced “real” (not just a picture on the website of a pharmacist, a real live pharmacist!) specially trained staff. Center Pet Pharmacy delivers medications and compounded solutions via USPS.

1. Compounded liquid medications in your choice of 16 different flavored liquid medications. That means they can take your tablets and make them taste great so your dog or cat will lick them up, every drop!

2. Tasty chewable tablets (Yes, they can even turn meds into tasty chews) this is great for dogs.

3. Homeopathic, holistic, and herbal formulations. For those of you who like the homeopathic route they have a whole line that can help you with everything from pet anxiety to allergies and everything in between.

4. Sterile ophthalmic (Eye drops) ok, I think this is pretty self explanatory.

5. Transdermal gels. This would be medicine that you would rub on your cat’s ears and it goes quickly into their bloodstream.

They are a fair pharmacy that gives a great service for a fair price and in this day and age that is hard to beat! I give them a double woof woof meow meow!

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