Happy Saturday everyone, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my new friend Danielle at The Design Girl. I met Danielle through my search for a highly stylized blog designer.

After our initial contact and putting my name on her wait list which was only about 2 weeks. We wrote back and forth about the type of style I would like my blog to be to create my own fresh look. She uses digital kits to create the blogs and there are literally hundreds to look through. Being from a design background myself, I am sure I was a tad pickier than most of her clients, and she was very sweet to accommodate all of my requests. I think she did a beautiful job, don’t you?

Right now she is having a special sale for reaching 70,000 hits on her site. If you place your deposit on or before 05/03/09, which I know is tomorrow but I’m letting you know NOW, she will give you $20 off the deposit price for the basic & standard blog packages.