I sat down to write a new post this morning after checking out other people’s blogs and leaving my usual “love” on them and I came across a blog which brought my attention to a coffee company called get the bean dot com which will deliver right to your door. I love a good quality cup of “joe” in the morning and so this peaked my interested and they were having a giveaway which you can find out more at Get the bean, but more so I am all about inspiration and people and how they take a lemon and make lemonade and that is just what this company is about.

It started with Meaghan: (ok this was taken from their website)

Meaghan was a young, healthy vibrant 28 year old attending law school in the winter of 2006. During her second year of classes she began feeling ill. She went to numerous doctors looking for help. Each doctor suggested it was all in Meaghan’s head; maybe she was depressed, mentally ill or over-stressed. Because she was young and had always been healthy the doctors assumed nothing could be seriously wrong. Enduring extreme pain, bleeding and exhaustion Meaghan kept returning to her doctors looking for help. Still no one did anything to address any of her health issues. Meaghan’s symptoms became worse with each passing day. Because no one believed she was ill she continued to attend classes and tried to live a normal life. Eventually the pain became so unbearable she drove herself to the ER.

The doctors at the Emergency Room also suggested Meaghan’s pain was in her head. However, due to the symptoms she complained of they were required to give her a CT scan. The CT scan showed Meaghan’s pain was NOT in her head. She had a large tumor on her cervix. The tumor had grown so large it had crushed her ureters causing her kidneys to rip open. In February 2007 Meaghan was finally diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, stage 3b. The same doctors that had assured her she was fine were now telling her and her family that she would not survive.

Meaghan decided not to give up but rather to fight. After two weeks of hospitalization and blood transfusions Meaghan was flown to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston Massachusetts. Upon arrival the doctors were both amazed and horrified. Amazed at this young woman’s spirit and horrified at the pain she was forced to endure. Teams of doctors attended Meaghan in an effort to diminish her pain and save her life. Meaghan underwent chemo, internal and external radiation as well as numerous surgeries. With only a 20% chance of surviving Meaghan and her doctors fought hard against cancer. In July 2007 she won her battle and was cancer free.

Although she won her fight Meaghan continues to struggle against the secondary effects of her treatments. Cancer has changed her life forever. Meaghan returned to law school and is set to graduate in December 2008.

Without the love, care and attention Meaghan received at Dana Farber Cancer Institute she would not have survived. Because of this Meaghan has dedicated herself to raising awareness and supporting Cancer Institutes.

Now wouldn’t you rather get your coffee from this great woman rather then that place on every corner? wink wink!

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