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Archives for July 2009

For All the Doggie Lovers, My first giveaway!

I am so excited to share with all of you my first giveaway contest and introduce you to this amazing group of people who will help you care for your pets! Let’s be honest for a moment… In this day and age who doesn’t like good customer service and good prices? carries more medications than any other pharmacy in the country! They only carry FDA approved medications manufactured in the USA. Center Pet Pharmacy is an “actual” bricks and mortar pharmacy with real pharmacists and not just a warehouse. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you and your veterinarian in caring for your most treasured furry family members.

A little more about Center Pet Pharmacy:

Companion animals have become important members of the family, with whom we share unspoken bonds of love, friendship, and care. Over the past 50 years Center Pet Pharmacy has adapted to the many changes and advancements in pet medications and has helped make life easier for all types of animals, as well as their owners. Center Pet Pharmacy is a place for those who want to find better, safer, and more effective ways to medicate and care for their pets.

Buy It! has offered my readers free regular shipping on your first prescription with this code ISS1992. So take advantage of this discount and give them a try.

Win It!

Center Pet Pharmacy has generously offered my readers a chance to win this preppy and adorable print collar/leash from Upcountry!!! I know…it’s soooo exciting!

Please leave a comment for each extra entry!

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Contest Rules:

• Contest ends Friday, August 7th at 11pm Eastern Standard Time.
• Winner MUST either have their e-mail address on their profile, or leave their e-mail address with their comment.
• I will announce the winner of the giveaway on August 10th on this blog as well as through e-mail to the winner. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours, I will randomly choose a new winner.

You’ve come a long way baby!

Well I’m 48 years old today! 48! I can remember when my parents were 48, I thought they were ancient! Although they had six children compared to my two and things just seemed well “different.” They were different, life was different this country was different, it was actually safe to go outside and play with your friends, ride your bike to the little town center, and just talk to your friends on the “house” phone. There was no calling friends who lived 3 towns over or it would be a “long distance” toll call and I would have to “ask” my parents if this was “ok.” We spent Friday nights watching the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family, and if I was lucky one cartoon on Saturday morning. There was no hanging out at the mall and therefore no Abercrombie which kids flocked to rather there were the o so stretchy Danskin clothing and Carters undies with ruffles; halt no thongs from Pink? What would my grand mom say about having my “tush” hang out for the world to see? No computers, or internet, how in the world did we communicate? O that’s right by actually putting a pen or pencil to paper and writing a letter, and sending it by post! I spent so many days as a kid running to the mail box to see if one of my new “pen pals” wrote me a letter. My goodness those are just a few of the changes in the world…

In my immediate world, well over the last few years that has changed drastically too… Over the last 24 years I married my college sweetheart and we have been through a lifetime of changes and obstacles, we have raised two beautiful daughters both with their difficulties, one with special needs and one who has had her own different kind of needs being a beautiful girl growing up in our homogeneous hometown. We built two wonderful companies which have changed the world and helped many children along the way. I am very proud of my accomplishments in raising my family and starting Hadley’s Park. Both were rewarding and challenging.

Most recently and unfortunately my husband and I have been involved a lawsuit which is NOTHING that anyone wants to go through! It was a horrible two and a half years and in the process I lost most of my immediate family, but as things went on and things came out I realized that perhaps I never really had them in the first place; I know this is the means of book in itself. It is painful but like everything in my life I’m learning to move forward and I am smiling because today is my 48th Birthday and I’m Still Standing!

Meals at Whispering Canyon are a good old fashioned Rootin’, Tootin’ Great Time!

There are so many choices for meals while visiting the Disney World properties but what a wonderfully fun way to enjoy a lunch or dinner and visit the fun lively crew at the Whispering Canyon which is located in the Wilderness Lodge. If you are in the Magic Kingdom take a boat over or head over to the busses and take a bus to the property.

Let me throw a few cautions to the wind out there if you are looking for a quiet restaurant don’t count on a quiet meal here because the goings-on can get quite boisterous or if you are shy and do not want to have attention brought to you or your family this is not the place for you.

Let me first go over the food at the Whispering Canyon since food is the first thing people usually think about at restaurants. This is an all you can eat “family style” restaurant which means it is served like you would eat at home, on platters, on the tables’ lazy Susan, which is meant to share. I can’t tell you anything about most of the food except the Canyon Skillet which was wonderful! Take a glance at the menu from this spring to give you an idea of the “goodies” from this kitchen. (Yes, I have been known to copy menus and ask for recipes!) Please note I do not work for Disney and Disney has not endorsed this in anyway so the prices or menu options may have changed this is just what it was this spring lunch menu.

Menu Date: March 2009


Western Chips and Dip – Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips with a bowl of freshly made salsa and queso dip $12.49
Mixed Greens Salad – Tossed in apple vinaigrette with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions $6.99
Southwestern Chicken Soup $6.99

Canyon Skillet

Smoked pork ribs, oven-roasted chicken and pork sausage, served with cowboy beans, seasonal vegetable, creamy coleslaw, mashed potatoes and fresh baked corn bread $17.99 per person ($26.99/per person for dinner)

Roast Chicken – with coleslaw and mashed potatoes $17.99
Vegetable Enchilada – Cowboy beans and quinoa pilaf with grilled zucchini and corn served with enchilada sauce and Tillamook cheddar cheese $14.99
Smoked Chicken Salad – Tossed with maple dressing, blue cheese, and candied walnuts $14.99
Smoke House Stack Sandwich- turkey, ham, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, with shallot mayonnaise, on focaccia roll, served with grilled vegetable pasta salad or potato chips $12.49
Chicken Sandwich – grilled chicken breast sandwich topped with espresso BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese and choice of grilled vegetable pasta salad or french fries $13.99
Whiskey Maple-Glazed Trout – Served with an arugula-frisee salad $17.99
Slow-smoked pulled Pork Sandwich – with beans, choice of grilled vegetable pasta salad or french fries, and BBQ sauce $11.49
Angus Chuck Bacon Cheeseburger – with bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato, served with choice of grilled vegetable pasta salad or french fries $12.99
Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich – with chipotle roasted garlic, lettuce, and tomatoes on a ciabatta roll served with grilled vegetable-pasta salad or french fries $12.49

Over the years we have eaten both lunch and dinner at the Whispering Canyon and depending on the season the guys and gals who serve there seem to be more fired up and “in theme” at dinner so this might be your more “entertaining” meal time to eat.

Cast Members at Whispering Canyon dressed in cowboy/girl outfits take on roles like “the sheriff” or “a school marm” and each have a lot of fun with their personas. As I mentioned this is not a “quiet” restaurant as the servers shout at the top of their lungs at times and tease their guests constantly but know this is just to add to the fun!

Now for the entertainment:

• I dare you to wear a Hat or T-Shirt from Universal or Sea World…

• Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the middle of a spontaneous stick horse race through the restaurant.

• I also remember a hilarious “oath” my daughter took from our server. Very seriously she stood and was then asked to repeat (and promise to carry out) everything the server said including, “I will buy everything I see at the Disney Parks” (my husband loved that one) and “to never, ever, ever visit Universal Studios”.

• When my husband who is known to drink a lot of tea or water kept asking for refills, he was finally brought a 2-pint size jar filled with tea. Then, our waiter invited everyone to join him later “at the pool!”

• Just know that if you happen to answer your cell phone and your server happens to be at your table at the time be prepared for the whole restaurant to shout “Hi” to your caller

• Diners are encouraged to sing and wave their napkins in the air at regular intervals, I hope you can sing!

• I don’t want to give away too much more but I’m going to leave you with one more funny “set up,” go ahead and ask for Ketchup and see what happens!

Remember, if you dine at the Whispering Canyon you have to be in a “good mood” and you must be ready to be teased but also know it is all in fun, and you will laugh and laugh and have many memories to share for years to come.

If you decide you want to give the guys and gals at the Whispering Canyon a try you can always make reservations at 407-WDW-DINE or through your Disney hotel’s concierge or the Guest Relations office at any of the theme parks.

Now getty on up and let me know how they “pulled you in.”

So what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Really… Top 10 must sees and must not see’s

1. Jersey Boys: What great music and I am sure that not too many people know the story of Frankie Vall“i” and the Four Seasons, “oh what a night!”

2. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. If you are a fish lover this is a great exhibit, so much to see you could spend hours watching the fish in their habitat. We even saw a little shark devouring another for “lunch.”

3. LOVE:Great music, great show. If you have never seen a Cirque de Soleil show they are unbelievable to watch these people, truly amazing.

4. Titanic: the exhibit is at the Luxor and will be there I believe for 10 years. It is the story of the great ship that went down showing everything from the creation of the ship through the sinking. It has a lot of artifacts which were found on the sunken ship. They have displays to show the look/sound of each class first, second and third. Part of the display was an outside deck which was so cold to make you “feel” as if you were there as the iceberg hit. History lovers will appreciate this exhibit.

5. If you have a good day at the “tables” the Delmonico Steakhouse which is one of Emeril’s restaurants is fabulous!

6. Sticking with food, if you like buffet’s the Bellagio has a wonderful buffet with just about anything and everything on the menu.

7. TAO nightclub is the place to see and be seen!

8. At Paris you can get a huge drink the size of the Eiffel tower.

9. Shopping shopping and more shopping if you have the dime, Casers Palace and the Palazzo/Bellagio have some wonderful stores. Everything and anything you want, need and don’t need! LoL

10. The people. Just sit down, hopefully not in July like we did when it’s 108 degrees outside but pull up a chair and just watch the people of all ages and stages, clothes, this is the only town where I can say it seems “optional” and wow all I’m going to say is people just really amazed me!

Now for my top 10 disappointments

1. Terry Fator-Both my daughter and I voted for this guy on America’s Got Talent. I even made my husband (he isn’t a reality show guy) watch it. Terry seemed like the most humble guy in the world but when we met him he was such a disappointment, fame has definitely gone to his head and it just ruined his show for us.

2. Do not go and eat at the Noodle Shop in Mandalay Bay the service was awful but the food was worse! One of the worst meals of my life. Refund please!

3. So where were all these Elvis impersonators? We were looking all over and only saw one… and he wasn’t all that great! Was it so hot that “Elvis has left the strip?” hmmm

4. Las Vegas has a monorail system which goes partly up the strip but you better hope you win enough money to cover the steep fee. I’m sorry $56/day for 4 people is just way too much!

5. We had heard about this “chocolate” river at the Bellagio, I don’t know what we were expecting maybe a “chocolate” river running through the gardens but it was more like a small chocolate fountain in a window.

6. Planet Hollywood shops, what a bunch of junk and it still has the Aladdin background, confusing!

7. What is up with restaurants kitchens closing at 10:00pm! You get out of a show at 9:00, you have to “walk” and then you get there and they say “kitchen is closed.” I thought this was the city that doesn’t sleep…

8. I’m going to be brief on this one but PLEASE if you are in a 5 star restaurant with your family I don’t think you expect a side peep show going on at the next table… My daughter lost it when she heard the “gentleman” tell the woman he liked when woman make “animal” noises… REALLY!

9. Although I did enjoy the Titanic exhibit I think it was kind of tacky for them to have photographers to take your pictures on the “Grand Staircase” of your family and charge you… something about that just seemed a bit wrong…

10. They are a “Pepsi” town for the most part and I’m a Diet Coke kind of gal…

All in all it was a wonderful trip, a great way to celebrate our daughter’s 21st birthday. The Venetian is a beautiful property and has great people who work there. I would defiantly recommend the trip to anyone who has never been there, as my husband say’s “It is like Disney on steroids,” but not really for little kids. I can defiantly see why they say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” I know they are hoping to get your money one way or another to stay in Vegas… the shows, clubs, restaurants, shops and of course at their game tables… just hope you can control yourself a lil bit!