Month: May 2009

Proms, Princesses and Promises

Well, it is May and that means a few things, summer is almost here, barbecue season is in full swing and it’s Prom season, with excited girls all over the country. Over the past few days I have seen several pictures of beautiful young girls getting ready to go to their prom; experiencing that ever […]

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A chance to win Inspiration in a Cup

I sat down to write a new post this morning after checking out other people’s blogs and leaving my usual “love” on them and I came across a blog which brought my attention to a coffee company called get the bean dot com which will deliver right to your door. I love a good quality […]

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Chicken Soup for the Soul made with Love

It is impossible to remember my grandmother without also remembering her chicken noodle soup! I can remember so many times getting off of the elevator at her apartment and running down the hall with my siblings to see her standing outside in the hall with her arms folded wearing one of her many famous housecoats […]

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It all started with a story…

Once upon a time there were two sisters. One spring day they wanted their Mom to take them to the park and play. When they arrived at the park the older sister jumped out of the car ahead of her Mom and sister. She was so excited. “Come on Mom, hurry up! I am going […]

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10 Reasons why my husband was a wonderful dad

For the past almost 21 years my husband has been a wonderful unsung hero! He is out numbered in our house 3 to 1, and I know the female hormones gets to him sometimes but he just keeps on smiling. He has been a wonderful example of a kind and compassionate human for our daughters […]

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