Hello and Welcome to my small piece of the internet! I’m glad to have you here and truly hope I can help you in some small way, even if it’s just with a smile! I started this site as a personal project, almost like an online diary, a chronology of my life as a special needs mom and a peek into my very complicated family life. It has now been 8 years and has turned into an inspirational blog built on stories and support on how we can all make it through adversity be it health or any facet of life.

You probably didn’t realize when you popped over here that you were gaining a friend, a personal supporter, and a “big sister” with a creative side who is ready to help point you in the right direction and cheer you on in your life’s journey. At least that’s my goal.

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There are many things that can be said about Shelley….

“Shelley is a powerhouse for women in the DMV area. Filled with passion and bright ideas, there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to making life better for girls and women. The DC Ladies is a special hub and resource for great things to do, see and experience in the DMV, as well as a source of motivation and inspiration for women everywhere!” ~Sagari Rao, Summer Intern for The DC Ladies

“Shelley Kramm is an inspiration and partnered with Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems to develop new playground equipment and designs for making playgrounds inclusive for children of all abilities. “No” is not in Shelley’s vocabulary especially when it comes to doing something she puts her mind to like making playgrounds fun for children of all abilities. Shelley pioneered this field by painting a vision, raising the money and executing Hadley’s Park, one of the first inclusive playgrounds in the world. I was lucky enough to meet Shelley and partner with her to make inclusive playgrounds a reality for children across North America. I find Shelley energizing and and very happy to be abel to call her my friend.”
~Mark Engel, Former Director of Marketing Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems

“I became acquainted with Shelley Kramm and I’m Still Standing through her “30 Days to a Better Blog” workshop. Shelley was an excellent instructor with great follow-up and many great ideas for improving both blog traffic and the quality of blogs and blog posts. Even as an experienced blogger, I was able to learn new things from her that have improved my blogs and websites. I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone who would like to increase their online skills.”
~Marie Leslie, Entrepreneur

“Shelley Kramm is a ball of fire! She’s chock full of great ideas but also knows how to implement them. Roadblocks and obstacles don’t stop her, they inspire her to get creative with her methodology. I am highly impressed with her enthusiasm and her willingness to dig in and get her hands dirty when necessary to get the job done. . Watch her and be in awe of her energy and her abilities– because Shelley Kramm is simply amazing.”
~Stevie Wilson, Social Media & Marketing Consultant, LA Stories